For stray dogs, people have created food and water ATMs. – Animals Nature Press

For stray dogs, people have created food and water ATMs.


These are the kinds of smart ideas that need to be disseminated far and wide; if we do so, we can free homeless dogs from the anxiety and stress of always worrying about where their next food is coming from.
It is necessary to disseminate a fantastic concept.

People’s hearts should be moved by the material on the internet, and one form of such content may be videos of random acts of kindness. On a daily basis, we see members of the public taking initiative and showing concern not just for one another but also for animals. Internet users have lately shown an increased interest in engaging in such behavior.

In order to help strays and homeless dogs in his community, one guy devised a system that dispenses food and water. Not only is the installation thoughtfully generous, but it also displays a high degree of originality. This video of the sweet interaction was first shared on Twitter by the user @Thund3rB0lt, and it gained significant traction there very fast.

Since it was uploaded on the 13th of August, the video has been seen more than 2.9 million times and earned 105 thousand likes. In the little video, two pipes are positioned in the southwestern corner of a structure. While one of the tubes is loaded with water, the other one is loaded with food for the dog.


The configuration of the pipe assures that it will never get empty for stray animals to use since it will constantly be supplied with water. The following is what is written as the caption for the video: “He creates food and water dispensers for stray dogs.” Respect and consideration for others”

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Twitter users have commented on how easy it is to keep strays with the gadget and how much they like the amazing concept behind it. “What an absolutely brilliant suggestion…. This method may also be used successfully with kittens.

Another user suggested that he should get this patented and then sell it to local governments so that it may be mounted on all of the buildings in the city. Another user said, “This is wonderful,” and another user echoed their sentiment, saying, “Such a simple method!”

credits: deluxte

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