The dog was “chained” in a far-off location when he gave up, but a miracle occurred to the dog. – Animals Nature Press

The dog was “chained” in a far-off location when he gave up, but a miracle occurred to the dog.


The dog is on the verge of giving up his life.

He was underweight, thirsty, and weary, and he was covered in insect bites all over his body. He gave in to the demands of life. 🙏🙏🙏

The most unfortunate thing, though, is that he is now stranded in an isolated location on the side of the road and has no method of escaping on his own. Because he was wearing a necklace that had a very lengthy chain, he managed to get himself caught. To make it much more difficult, he is completely invisible from the road. There is a little chance that he can be rescued in time, but it’s not probable.

But very few people are aware that his life is going to dramatically improve, and that the events of the past will no longer have an impact on him.


A man called Alex, after whom Alex the dog is named, was cleaning the area when he came upon the dead puppy. Alex the dog is named after Alex the man. Immediately, he sent a desperate plea for assistance to the local animal rescue charity known as Feed Friends.

They come to an agreement to take him in and look for a great foster guy in Alle Hadoc who can look after him while he recovers from his mental and physical ailments.

Alex and the rest of his support team won’t give up on him, even if the path to recovery will be a long and difficult one.

During the time that he spent in his foster home, he made friends with other cats and dogs who taught him the ropes and assisted him along the way. Alex is a good-natured canine that gets along well with both people and other animals.

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Alex’s condition started to improve from the inside out as more time passed. Both the wound on his body and the wound on his heart were eventually able to heal.

Following a successful treatment, he was able to locate a warm and permanent family environment, and now he is making the most of his second opportunity at life! ❤️

Watch the video below to see how he was saved and how he transformed:

credits: deluxte

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