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A Iost foal’s mother adopts an orphaned foal.


It’s really lovely to watch the mother horse dance with joy as she meets the foal.
It’s amazing to hear something so amazing. Baby has a new mother, and mother has a new child. Such an amazing experience for them both. God is a wonderful being who also values animals.
Happy that she gave the orphaned foal her blessing

The Netherlands’ Queen Unlike, a Friesian horse, was carrying her first foal. She realized there was a problem as soon as she started to give birth. She was burning her lips and strutting around within her stable because she was nervous about that specific moment. Her mother, Yvonne, stood at her side, attempting to calm her down.

Uneik gave birth an hour later, and the [assistant veterinarians] removed a foal that wasn’t breathing. They made every effort to revive him, but it was far too late. He truly failed to succeed. The distraught mare tried to comfort her foal by repeatedly licking him, but it was ineffective. The foal was removed from the mare’s stable as Yvonne continued to console Uneik.


She realized how much suffering her cherished animal was through.

Following that, Yvonne and other members of the Friesian Horses staff received amazing news! Her friend called and informed her that they were taking care of an orphaned foal. Yvonne wanted to find out if Uniek wanted to take the foal in as her own.

The initial exchanges were incredibly hesitant. The foal reciprocated her sniff by doing the same. She performed a little dancing, and they could tell she was joyful as she claimed the foal in front of her as her own.

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It was a truly memorable occasion.

The following day, they discovered the sweet mother and son in their stable, and Uniek developed fierce attachment to her new stallion. She followed him everywhere he went. Rising Star frequently walked close to Uniek.
The happiest foal she had ever seen was Growing Star. Like any juvenile animal would, he went around and got into mischief. Uniek made sure to keep her infant in view as she trailed closely behind him.

Happy it went well for mother and child in the end!

Growing Star was raised by Uniek, who was a very protective and loving mother to him. He has just turned one and is quite lovely. She is doing well and is in good health.

Uniek is a fantastic mare; she was outstanding when paired with Increasing Star, who has since grown a touch sassy.
She is such a lovely and amazing young lady! She is overjoyed to have a child to care for. She seems like a great mother…

I’m glad they were able to reunite this foal with its mother; the foal seems content now that it has a mother. They are both quite beautiful. We appreciate you taking care of these lovely animals.

This brand-new family is gorgeous and lovely; may God honor them!

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