A Lovely Service As she learned how to feed her, the dog has become her best friend’s most crucial assistant. – Animals Nature Press

A Lovely Service As she learned how to feed her, the dog has become her best friend’s most crucial assistant.


Because they regularly develop skills that are especially helpful to people in need, certain animals are surely destined to play a vital role in the development of human civilization.

Israeli artist Bracha Fischel, who has a rare talent for painting, suffers from tetraplegia, a disorder that causes her arms and legs to be entirely or partially paralyzed. She is confined to a wheelchair and has little hand function, yet she still produces wonderful artwork.

Bracha has persisted in producing beautiful paintings, but it is significant to highlight that she collaborates behind the scenes with a kind worker.

Due to her unique needs, Bracha was given a service dog named Donna, and ever since they first met, they have become good friends. The two women have a truly unique relationship that gives the impression that they have been friends for a very long time even though they have only been dating for about a year.


To lessen Bracha’s burdens, Donna entered her life. She routinely helped her with straightforward tasks like picking things up and opening doors. She has continuously performed well, and as a result, she has advanced to the role of top assistant for Bracha’s creative process.

Donna is pleased to supply her with all of the materials she requires, including the brushes and equipment, each time she starts a new painting project.

As Bracha told The Dodo:

Donna gives brushes, pencils, markers, and whatever else I require for painting.

The smart little puppy, who is undoubtedly already a part of Bracha’s creative team, has evolved into a significant element of painting.

Despite the fact that what Donna does is great, it is nothing compared to the most important way in which she helps her mother. She instinctively knew that her friend needed food, and she quickly learned how to feed her in a very curious way.

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Donna really gently feeds her best friend while holding a customized spoon in her snout.

As Bracha said:

She reportedly originally picked up this skill from dogs.

Since then, Donna has become a protagonist of the emotional moment and a representation of true love when it’s time for supper. Because of their relationship, it has become clear that Donna is genuinely there to admire Bracha and that their partnership is more than just one of necessity.

Donna seemed to be quite happy to be of service to her, making the life of her closest friend easier.





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