After growing life in a house with dogs, the young miniature horse believes she is one. – Animals Nature Press

After growing life in a house with dogs, the young miniature horse believes she is one.


With her new furry siblings, Luna was able to share in unadulterated love and delight after being saved.

Check out the video below to see Luna’s bright, happy life with all the dogs.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like when these pets are partnered with creatures you wouldn’t ordinarily adopt for your home? You’ve probably heard heartwarming and hilarious stories of cats and dogs learning to dwell together inside one home. Luna doesn’t just appear in an animal shelter or wander bumblingly into someone’s yard.

Luna is a little equine.

If you’ve never seen a tiny horse, you’ll enjoy learning more about them. You won’t be able to stop gushing and seeking a closer look at the perspective of one. But these horses are much more than just cute-looking animals. A horse would need to be under three feet tall in order to be considered a miniature—a characteristic that would likely make you think of kids and how much fun houses can be with them around!


Once you encounter one, you’ll also become attached, and it’s good to know that they can travel one-third farther than the typical horse. They continue to eat the regular diet of grass, hay, and grains while living longer.

This anecdote demonstrates that there is much more to miniature horses than first appears. The beginning of everything was tragic, but there was a chance to offer the horse a better life, as Luna’s human mother recalls. She stated:

“Luna’s mother quickly rejected her in a way that was damaging to her following her birth. And we were forced to take her away from her mother.

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In fact, Luna had grown so accustomed to dogs that it seemed like she considered herself to be one as well! The family had to somehow re-educate her to be a horse as a result. How adorable and illiterate this little horse is! Luna became accustomed to accompanying her human mother on errands in addition to the “training” and the daily routine of being fed and allowed to play with her canine friends. She only needed a bottle on every trip.


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