The mother dog and abandoned cubs had been there for many days while waiting for the owner to come back. – Animals Nature Press

The mother dog and abandoned cubs had been there for many days while waiting for the owner to come back.


On the side of the road, the mother dog together with a litter of pups who were just a few days old were abandoned. But let’s wait and see what happens once the lifeguards get there. ❤️
The dog stays put there, as though anticipating the return of the owner so that it may be picked up.

In the Serbian city of Mladenovac, the Mladenovac Dog Rescue organization got a report about a mother dog and her puppies. They had been left by the side of the road for many days without any attention.

The mother dog barked angrily and refused to take any food that was offered to her, despite the fact that there were some compassionate humans who attempted to aid the dogs. A few of days before, the project known as “Moli” was scrapped.

Moli was amazed that the mother dog did not snarl when lifeguard Mladenovac approached her; at this point, the dog was still being fed and was prepared to take assistance. When rescue workers started looking through the grass around the mother dog, they spotted another one of her puppies. He carried them out into the open and placed them near to the mother dog so that she could keep eating.


The lifeguard made many trips around the area to look for any further… …then he came upon even another puppy! These pups haven’t even started to open their eyes yet, and they’ve only been with us for a few days.

“The mother dog is in a terrible mood… They have been left by the side of the road, along with the children, and the dog has not moved for many days. It is still awaiting the arrival of the person who owns it so that they may get it. This hurts all of our feelings. It was mentioned by the lifeguard.

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There were several residents in the area who participated in the search and investigation, but they did not find any other pups in the vicinity.

Moli and the children she fostered have found their footing. The Mladenovac shelter will take care of her and her cubs until they are healthy and of the appropriate age, at which point the facility will begin the process of finding permanent homes for these adorable donkeys.

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