The badly burned dog was miraculously saved by the doctor, and the reunion was quite emotional. – Animals Nature Press

The badly burned dog was miraculously saved by the doctor, and the reunion was quite emotional.


On the video, the dog can be seen greeting the person who saved his life with joy.

As soon as it became clear that the flames in Florida could not be contained, the local fire department rushed to the scene. Soon after, a member of the fire department stepped in to investigate after hearing a muffled barking coming from the direction of the pine trees.

The fireman couldn’t believe his eyes when he came upon an abandoned guard dog tethered to a tree in the backyard. The injured dog was sent to the emergency room of the closest hospital where he received emergency treatment for his third-degree burns.

The dog, which was eventually given the name Smokey, was sent to a specialist burn treatment facility where it was looked after by a veterinarian called Latimer. When Dr. Latimer saw that Smokey was slowly losing his capacity to live, it broke his heart. He sat down and thought about what he could do to save the dog’s life, and he resolved to do all in his power to do so.

To witness Smokey and Dr. Latimer’s heartwarming reunion, click on the video that has been provided below.


Smokey survived all of his challenges and is now a survivor after receiving treatment for many weeks, including critical care. While he was receiving treatment in the hospital, he had the sense of being loved and of feeling that his life had true value. What it’s like to be a pet that’s loved and cared for all the time!

Smokey continued to show his gratitude to his other caretakers by giving them enthusiastic hugs and kisses. Smokey has finally escaped the world of neglect and cruelty that he was born into, and now he believes that anybody who assisted him in surviving is an angel.

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