When the retired police dog saw his former manager, he broke down in tears. – Animals Nature Press

When the retired police dog saw his former manager, he broke down in tears.


Additionally, she pines away for her manager.

In 2019, German shepherd Wangwang, now eight years old, officially resigned from the police department; nonetheless, she never forgets her time spent protecting the community.
Wangwang’s age is increasing, yet she will never forget this manager no matter how old she becomes.

According to a story from the Daily Star, Wangwang once served as a sniffer dog for the Xichuan Police Department in the Henan province of central China at several security checkpoints.

Wangwang had to part ways with her former trainer when she was given a new home once she reached retirement age since she had been adopted.


“Police dogs are often adequately fed at the training facility; nevertheless, sometimes our officers are unable to take the time to play or exercise with the rested dogs,” Xichuan police said in a statement. “[T]here are times when our officers are unable to take the time.” When the time comes for us to retire, we will need to locate a new home for them.
When Wangwang was brought back together with his previous boss, the dog became hysterical and fell.

A video of the reunion was uploaded by the Xichuan police force on Douyin, a Chinese social media network comparable to TikTok.

The video shows that Wangwang goes up to her old boss and quickly lays over on her back in order to get some friendly belly massages from him. In the meanwhile, tears began to well up in Wangwang’s eyes.

“The dog is making progress in his recovery. One of our readers made the remark, “Dogs are incredibly faithful friends; make sure you take care of her!”

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According to what is said in the post, Wangwang’s hair has become white but she is properly nourished, and she is gaining weight.

It is obvious that Wangwang longs for her boss in this situation. When the dog’s stomach becomes bloated, it’s easy to explain,” another user commented.

Watch the video below to see Wangwang’s emotional reunion with his family.

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