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Every day the kind butcher leaves leftovers outside the store for stray dogs.


It is incredible to observe how aware of their surroundings these strays are.

A touching video that shows stray canines searching through the leftovers of a butcher shop has warmed the hearts of many who love animals. In the video, there is a heap of uncooked chicken bones that are housed in a cardboard box that has been abandoned on the pavement.

They cautiously approached the box one at a time and removed the bones that were already inside for themselves. However, what is really surprising is how considerate each dog is, as seen by the fact that they all carry little more than a single bone fragment.

It seems to be an elderly Golden Retriever ambling slowly up to the box, reaching in, and pulling out a bone before turning and ambling away. Another dog was nervous and cowered away from him as he got closer. Another dog was happy and wagging his tail as though he just couldn’t believe his good fortune.


The video is attributed to TikTokker @ugursa_ and seems to have been shared for the first time on social media platforms in March of 2021. Since then, the video that was posted on TikTok has been removed; nevertheless, it has reappeared on Facebook and reddit.
Numerous suggestions on how to interact appropriately with stray dogs.

A lawyer who lives in Puerto Rico claims that stray dogs are “extremely clever” and engage in social interaction with a diverse range of individuals. He saw the butcher distributing chicken carcasses to the strays and noticed that the majority of them are timid, respectful of humans, and have learnt not to rush into the home. “Those are the worst treats for a dog, yet they love them. Bones are an absolute favorite treat for dogs (especially chicken bones). Two days’ worth of “bones” may be gotten from a single chicken carcass. These dogs are content since a single piece of meat may provide them with practically enough food for two meals over the course of two days.

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Some people also voiced their worry about the practice of giving bones to dogs, but others were quick to point out that cooked bones represent a bigger risk to dogs since they are more likely to break apart and cause harm to the dog’s internal organs. The bones that were thrown away by the good Samaritans formed the basis of the structure.

Some viewers were curious as to whether or not the film was recorded in Turkey. One user on reddit was able to identify the Turkish business that the logo belonged to on the cardboard box, which led them to conclude that the film was shot in Turkey.

Another user of Reddit made the observation that “feral cats and dogs are treated quite nicely in the majority of Turkish cities.” They will be inspected and tagged by the municipality before being returned to the same neighborhood from where they were first picked up. In addition to that, they are given routine veterinarian treatment.”

They proceeded by saying, “Everyone left food and water bowls, and several establishments essentially took them and took care of them.” [Citation needed] This is something that is done by a lot of butcher shops and seafood markets; they will either throw away waste or feed strays if they come searching for food.

The researcher continues by saying that, “Like other people have remarked, cats very much govern the city of Istanbul.” When I was there a few years back, a cat walked up and started practically nibbling at the chicken’s finger until the server informed us which sauce the cat liked most. “At the time, I was seated on the terrace. It’s extremely comforting to see that they’re being looked for so well, but it’s also upsetting to know that they have to spend the night exposed to the weather outdoors.

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The butcher who must remain nameless is not the only Turkish butcher who has a kind heart. Ikram Korkmazer, who also resides in Turkey, is undoubtedly passionate about animal welfare. Dogs and cats alike often visit his store in search of food. His movies gained widespread attention when one of them showed a customer cat pleading for a reward by putting its paws up on a butcher counter and receiving more than a million views.

In addition, Korkmazer has a lot of dogs who sit patiently waiting for a treat outdoors on the pavement in front of his house (or two or three).

You can tell that this butcher has loyal customers by watching the video that follows, in which a dog excitedly wags its tail while waiting for a dish of food.

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