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Goose Knocks on the Door of an Animal Hospital and Visits His Wounded Friend


Arnold the Canada geese is well-known across the New England Wildlife Centers located in the state of Massachusetts. He has lived with his partner for many years and lives on a pond that is close to their facility.

Arnold was called in for an examination by the staff after they observed that he was stumbling around and limping after which they discovered that he had two open cracks on his foot.

Even though they do not know for sure what happened, they assume that he was attacked while he was swimming by a snapping turtle or some type of predator.

They realized that in order to save his foot, they would need to perform surgery and a partial amputation on it. This would be the only way to do it. They prepared Arnold for surgery by giving him medication for his discomfort as well as antibiotics, but they were completely unprepared for what occurred after that.


The crew heard a tapping at the clinic door prior to the patient undergoing surgery. When they went to investigate what it was, they were pleasantly surprised to find Arnold’s companion trying to enter the medical facility where they were working. Arnold’s partner had secretly tracked him down and was wanting to see him, which none of them knew about. Arnold was able to keep a constant eye on her because she didn’t move from the entrance the entire time.

Arnold’s foot will eventually recover, as the operation that was performed on it was a success. Arnold was brought to the door as soon as he regained consciousness from the anaesthetic so that he could see his companion, who the team referred to as Amelia. When the door was opened, Amelia immediately started stroking him. When they were brought back together, there was a reassuring presence that was present for both of them.

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Arnold was required to continue receiving therapy from them while his foot healed in order for them to continue to monitor him closely, change his bandages, and keep an eye on him. Amelia kept up her daily routine of going to the door, and the staff made sure to bring Arnold close to her so the two of them could see each other. They went to the trouble of constructing a makeshift enclosure for the two birds so that they could eat together.

After ensuring that Arnold was in good enough health, he was released back into the wild. After he arrived, Amelia was standing right there waiting for him, and the two of them immediately went off to take a swim together in the pond.

According to a post that was made on Facebook by the center, “We are not sure what they will do next, however we are so thrilled that they have the opportunity to do it with one other.” Arnold’s foot has really recovered nicely, and we were able to watch him swim and fly for the first time today. We are positive that he will not have any trouble keeping up with his girlfriend Amelia, and we are looking forward to it.


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