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Old Dog in Kennel Giving Out Her Body, Unwanted by Anyone


At shelters, rescues, and foster homes around the globe, many deserving pets wait for their forever family. Sadly, some people never find a place to call home. One such canine was likely going to spend her whole life at the Villalobos rescue center headed by Tia Torres and her lovely family.

The oldest dog at Villalobos, Summer, has lived with the Torres family for longer than any other dog at the facility. Tia nearly gave up hope that Summer would surely have ever before her willingly ever before after. The Torres family did their best to accommodate the adorable dog and has shown her the respect and affection she deserves.

Tia recalls, “She and my kids basically grew up together.” At Villalobos, Summertime has been in effect for exactly that long. Summer has resided at the rescue shelter since she was 8 weeks old. She is getting older now. That no one ever offered to take the sweet girl in crushes Tia’s heart.

She’s still here, and it’s through no fault of her own. In the video below, Tia complains that she was neglected. Age is now hurting Summer physically. Her legs are unnaturally curled as a result of her severe arthritis. She moves a little more slowly. But psychologically, she is a contented, joyful dog.


There are a lot of dogs living at the rescue facility since the Torres family lacks the heart to put any kind of dog down. Tia and her family make an effort to pay attention to adopters when they arrive hunting for the ideal pet. The family also learns about their homes, and matches them up appropriately.

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Usually, they have a selection of many dogs to choose from. After meeting the “candidates,” the families select the one who best fits their needs. Despite frequently being a choice for adopters, Summer was never selected.

Then, miraculously, a specific application for Summer arrived. Upon seeing Summer on the Villalobos senior page, the prospective adopter Eileen knew she had to get Summer. The Torres family eagerly anticipated Eileen’s visit to the worthy dog.

Summer slowly moves into space at the middle, her age clearly visible. However, Eileen is unafraid by this. She descends to the ground to greet Summer.

Summer begins to wag her tail. The cutest thing to observe is this! The Torres family is consistently open and fair to all the adopters, and they mention that they doubt Summer will live a full year due to her advanced age and health. This would undoubtedly put Eileen off.

Simply put, Eileen says, “She needs us.”

Eileen continues by saying that it would break her heart to not adopt Summer and then learn that she died while at the facility without ever having the chance to live in a home. It was obvious what Eileen should do next.

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