A man has spent the past 12 years working tirelessly to save more than 5000 animals. – Animals Nature Press

A man has spent the past 12 years working tirelessly to save more than 5000 animals.


Manoj Gogoi, an animal lover who has recently saved hundreds of animals, living in a neighborhood in the Kaziranga, Assam, village of Bochagaon (India). People in India used to kill snakes when situations like the appearance of one in a corral occurred a few years ago, but now they go to Gogoi.

Children have shown a high grasp of the necessity of wild animal protection, in addition to adults who have gotten a better understanding of nature.

According to TBI, a young child approached them holding a turtle and explaining that his family wanted to keep it as a companion animal, but he wanted it to remain free in the wild and that is why he needed to be placed in its natural habitat. Dr. Naveen Pandey, Deputy Director of the Corbett Foundation’s Kaziranga office, reportedly said this.

Gogoi has received several honors for his work; in 2014, the Corbett Foundation gave him the “Wildlife Warrior” medal, and in 2017, award-winning Assamese director Dhritiman Kakati included him in a documentary titled “The Man Who Speaks Nature.”


Goingoi said:

I was born in the Kaziranga area of Assam. I grew up surrounded by animals such as rhinos, leopards, beautiful birds, and poisonous Himalayan snakes. I’ve known that since I was a small child. I naturally had a strong passion for nature.

Gogoi has always been clear about his life’s purpose and has taken all the required steps to realize it. Due to his father’s influence, who served as a line judge on the State Electricity Board, this guy may have obtained employment with the government, but he chose to fight for the preservation of the environment instead.

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Gogoi told East Mojo, ”

If I told him that it is illegal to capture wild animals and that I risk going to jail, he could get pretty upset.

Gogoi decided to start his own group in 2007 called Naturalists for Rehabilitation of Snakes and Birds (NRSB), which presently has 100 volunteers, because people have constantly tried to find him and have even contacted him at 2 a.m.

Previously employed by the Assam State Department of Tourism as a driver, this guy was able to secure employment as a tour guide at a private resort in 2013 thanks to a training he took in Mumbai.

As his gang gained popularity, he started receiving pleas for rescue from a variety of sources. Gogoi utilizes his rescue missions as an opportunity to inform people about the value of protecting all living things, including dangerous reptiles.

When the aforementioned Corbett Foundation learned about Gogoi’s initiatives in 2013, they suggested that he establish an office in Kaziranga. Gogoi happily accepted the offer since he knew that doing so will help expand the scope of rescue operations in addition to providing for his family’s necessities.

No matter how far away he is, Gogoi has never refused a call for help; since 2007, all of his rescues have been recorded, and he has so far saved more than 5000 creatures. Without taking those from 2005 and 2006 into account.

Gogoi stated:

“I’ve mostly learnt by doing, and each animal is as unique as the next. So far, I’ve rescued newborn rhinos, leopards, deer, wild boars, jungle cats, and other safari-fascinating species. I also rescued a 14-foot-long Cobra, which was a genuine threat to my life.”

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So far, the most notable rescue for this man has been three newborn kingfisher birds that had not yet opened their eyes.

Gogoi gently cares for the animals he saves until they are well enough to be returned to their habitats. He just received the India Star Book of Records’ 2019 Passion Award.

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