Dog pulled baby out of burning house by the diaper and saved her Iife. – Animals Nature Press

Dog pulled baby out of burning house by the diaper and saved her Iife.


On June 3, Nana Chaichanhda, a mother from California, was awoken at 10 p.m. by her 8-month-old pit bull.

She and her seven-month-old baby had been resting well when they were startled awake by the persistent knocking on their rear door.

The dog desperately wanted to alert her family to the blaze outside the home. Fire had broken out in her fourplex, consuming so much of it that it had engulfed and destroyed the next house. The dog sprung into action as the blaze swept rapidly toward their home.

Sasha, Nana’s dog, rushed into the room to comfort her granddaughter as soon as she heard Nana open the door to investigate the commotion.

When Nana noticed the flames coming from her cousin’s house next door, she also made a beeline for her bedroom. Upon entering the room, she saw Nana’s granddaughter being dragged by Sasha by her diaper.


She left the home with her daughter and Sasha and called the police.

She proclaimed, “If it weren’t for Sasha, we would have never gotten it out of the home alive; she is our hero, our savior.”

Firefighters were able to preserve the whole building, but unfortunately their flat was lost in the blaze along with Nana’s and her cousin’s. They had been living with a relative who happens to reside in the same building as Nana and her family.

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