In Arizona, a brave dog saves its owner from a rattlesnake. – Animals Nature Press

In Arizona, a brave dog saves its owner from a rattlesnake.


We’ve all heard amazing tales of a man’s closest buddy rescuing him from dangerous circumstances.

Another tale of a four-legged companion who was acclaimed a hero for battling a rattlesnake and protecting his owner despite receiving a terrible bite.

Todd, a golden retriever, was hiking with his owner Paula Goodwin in Anthem, Arizona when they encountered a fatal rattlesnake.

Rattlesnakes are one of the world’s most poisonous snakes, killing thousands of humans each year.

Todd saw the rattlesnake and leapt in front of Paula’s leg just before she was going to stomp on it unintentionally.


He was able to rescue Paula, but his bravery cost him a horrible bite on his face, causing it to swell badly.

Todd’s images were placed on Paula’s Facebook page with the remark “hero and lifesaver.”

Todd was brought to Anthem Animal Hospital by Paula, where he was treated. He expects to make a complete recovery. His images, in which he is shown smiling despite his wounds, have gone viral on social media, with his newfound followers thanking him for what he did to save her owner’s life.

True, dogs do not demand anything in exchange for their assistance to people. They only want to be loved.

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