Boxer, who has spent the last 11 years in kennels, is in desperate need of a family. – Animals Nature Press

Boxer, who has spent the last 11 years in kennels, is in desperate need of a family.


A kind-hearted home is needed for a beautiful Boxer dog who has spent the most of her life in a kennel. Molly, who is 11 years old, will probably end up spending the remainder of her life in a kennel if she doesn’t find a forever adopted home.

The dog was found on the streets and has been at the Dogs Trust facility since she was just 8 months old.

The adorable Molly has been at a shelter in Loughborough, a well-known little town in the United Kingdom, for more than ten years.

The team has provided Molly with much-needed love and care over the years, but the volunteers are eager to find her a retirement home.


Celine Di Crocco, manager of Dogs Trust, told Metro:

“We’d really like Molly to get the home she deserves. She has a beautiful heart and is a very nice girl.

Celine, who has had Molly stay in her home for a while, can attest that the animal is the “perfect guest” despite the fact that Molly has never visited a home.

Cathy said:

We enjoyed cuddling in the living room where she slept at night. She felt completely at peace despite the myriad sounds and smells.

Her caregivers also praise her for being so sweet; she loves to play and go on walks, and all she truly needs is someone to genuinely love her.

Molly will experience a huge adjustment when she moves in with a family because she has spent her whole life in a kennel and must now learn to live with people. As a result, the organization suggests that anybody considering adopting it approach it with goodwill.

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As a “pattern dog” adopted from a shelter, Molly need a little help to feel comfortable in particular situations.

Cathy said:

Although she had a terrible start in life, Molly deserves a loving family, and we hope Grandparents Day will be the day she finally meets them.

Despite all of her shortcomings, the volunteers at the animal welfare center who have cared for her throughout her whole existence love her. The organization, in Celine’s opinion, gives the best care to all of her dogs until they are placed into a permanent home.

Image | Dogs Trust

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