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Family Sets Up Camp For 27 Hours To Adopt A Dog With A Heartmark


A family who camped for 27 hours to be permitted to adopt a dog with a special mark on her chest is a great example of how far an animal lover would go to get their ideal pet.

A Border Collie dog with the shape of a heart in her breast was featured in a photo posted by the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter in Oklahoma. In order for individuals to get to know the animals up for adoption, the shelter usually makes a lot of pictures and videos of them available.

They were unaware how popular the images of the dog with the stunning mark on her chest would become on social media.

Over 27,000 individuals shared the Facebook image, and many more left comments with their thoughts on it. The puppy is actually extremely lovely, and after hearing her tale, many people yearned to take her in and provide her with a loving home.


Further complicating matters is the fact that prospective adopters, including the Oklahoma family, have shown interest in the adoption on different social media platforms.

Since the moment they saw her, they had been completely smitten and thought she was the perfect dog for them to adopt. They had to work harder to adopt her since adoptions at the shelter are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The animal rescue center’s policy is to keep rescued from the streets animals for at least five days before placing them up for adoption. However, the family was eager to adopt her and would stop at nothing to do so, even waiting outside the shelter.


They then made their way to the animal shelter and camped out in front of the door 27 hours before the adoption deadline. The idea was that they would be the first people to arrive at the facility and fill out an adoption application.

Finally, the adoption day came, and as anticipated, the family was the first to arrive at the shelter.

As expected, Ryan Pendleton and his family finished the necessary paperwork, adopted the dog, and gave her the name Luna.

The shelter wrote on Facebook that:

“We are thrilled to announce that this adorable little girl has found a new home! She has touched the hearts of many Americans. All of you who have shared our content are appreciated.

Those who were following what was happening with Luna were quick to express their happiness and write supportive comments on the publication. While the staff at the shelter is thrilled that they have adopted Luna, they don’t want them to ignore the fact that there are still a lot of animals that need to find homes.

CREDITS: Facebook/Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

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