Brave mother dog ran through a fire more than once to save her puppies. – Animals Nature Press

Brave mother dog ran through a fire more than once to save her puppies.


The Internet has been flooded with heartbreaking photographs of a dog saving her 10-day-old pups from a burning home.

A fire broke out, and the dog mother put her life at danger several times while trying to save her pups.

Amanda, a German shepherd mother, disregarded the blazing fire and ran back and forth between the home and a fire engine to save her babies.

Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile had a devastating home fire caused by a vehicle bomb explosion.

Until her pups were saved, she darted back and forth between the fire engine and the flaming home.


When Amanda had saved all of her pups, she crouched down next to them to shield them with her body from the embers.

She was taken to the clinic with her litter of pups, but one of them, named Amparo, later died from her burns. Her other four pups, though, were doing OK.

Soy Chile was informed by vet Felipe Lara that Amanda had fought against the veterinarians when they attempted to take the pups away from her.

She eventually consented to the veterinarians treating her damaged babies, but she never left the sight of Amparo until she passed away.

In this way, Amanda’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the unwavering devotion a mother has for her children, and of the lengths to which a mother will go to protect them—even if it means putting her own life in jeopardy.

Incredibly and admirably, she is very devoted to her pups. If you like the read, please forward the link along.

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