A young person wins the ASPCA Kid of the Year Award for rescuing more than 1300 dogs. – Animals Nature Press

A young person wins the ASPCA Kid of the Year Award for rescuing more than 1300 dogs.


Roman McConn, a sweet 7-year-old boy from Georgia who adores animals, especially dogs and cats, is someone we’d like to introduce to you. More than 1,300 dogs and 50 cats have been saved from death shelters by him since he was four years old. He received the title of “Kid of the Year” from the ASPCA as a result.

All of this started when Roman asked his family and friends to give his favorite animal rescue organization his birthday money rather than giving him any gifts for his fourth birthday.

For Roman, it’s crucial that the dogs he meets have the best chance of finding a loving home. I think a lot of kids should be doing what I’m doing.


With the help of his mother Jennifer and his family, his small act of kindness has developed into Project Freedom Ride, an organization that assists in the rescue and transportation of animals from kill or overcrowded shelters in Georgia and Texas to Washington and other locations, where they help the dogs find new homes with loving humans.

In order for potential adopters to see how adorable and adorable the puppies are, his mother would film him playing with the rescue dogs and publish the footage on Facebook.

I feel it is crucial that I give the dogs I meet the best chance to find the ideal home, he said, adding, “She posts it on Facebook so everyone can see it.”

Roman, despite his youth, works tirelessly to help stray dogs and other animals in need because he thinks they all deserve a better existence than those found in shelters. Roman also hopes that by telling his story, other kids will be motivated to help animals in their own neighborhoods.

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We totally concur that Roman is the one who actually deserves the prize that the ASPCA gave him for his excellent job. In terms of helping animals in need, the young kid offers a beautiful example for everyone to follow.

See Roman’s tale in the video below below!

Credits: Ilovemycat


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