People shared a photo of a homeless dog sleeping with a stuffed animal, which went viral. – Animals Nature Press

People shared a photo of a homeless dog sleeping with a stuffed animal, which went viral.


Here at SmallJoys, we always wish to appreciate the unselfish volunteers, whether they’re trying to aid a lonely neighbor, rescue a beached Orca whale, or doing other outstanding charitable work.

Volunteers are wonderful at what they do, and they make the world a better place for everyone. Meet the committed volunteers of the “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project,” a non-profit organization situated in Houston, Texas. They devote their time, effort, money, and love to assisting in the rescue of stray dogs in their town.

Houston has a fairly large issue with stray animals, particularly dogs. Since its inception a few years ago, the club has rescued over 864 dogs from the 5th Ward alone.

Unfortunately, it is uncertain what is causing so many strays in Houston; it might be wild animals or individuals leaving their pets. Forgotten Pups of the 5th Ward Project is working hard to ensure these dogs’ survival, having fed numerous dogs. This is a fantastic bunch.

They are able to locate really loving permanent homes for the dogs they rescue from the streets, where they may enjoy happy lives. There will be no more camping on the street or racing through the rain in search of those pets.


Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project is a no-kill rescue organization, which means they will strive as hard as possible to find a home for a dog, no matter how long it takes.

They’re very picky about the homes the dogs go to, so they may have happy lives with a loving family.

This is the tale of a volunteer who discovered a homeless puppy and the incredible shot she captured. The image captured a condition that is all too common for far too many canines. Living on the street, destitute, cold, and lonely. The picture went viral when other animal lovers were moved by it.

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Many animal lovers were moved by this shot. A dog snoozing with a soiled but nonetheless comfortable plush teddy bear. As it sleeps, the dog looks to be nearly snuggling with it.

For the volunteers of Forgotten Pets of the 5th Ward, seeing dogs sleeping outdoors in the cold and alone is all too typical. The volunteers were out feeding the strays and capturing a few to transport to the rescue center where they would ultimately find a permanent home.

When a volunteer observed this puppy napping, he decided to take a photo of it. She realized that seeing the situation in such a harsh light would break the hearts of many animal lovers.

Unfortunately, they were unable to grab the puppy since their vehicle was already full with canines waiting to be transported to the rescue facility. So they decided to drop off the dogs quickly and return later to retrieve the sleeping dog.

Unfortunately, by the time they returned, the dog and the stuffed toy were vanished.

The volunteers did, however, encounter Calvin, an 89-year-old man who lived nearby. Calvin informed the volunteers that he owned the dog, but it always managed to escape and end up back on the streets. He has been unable to locate the dog once more.

Calvin has also been doing his best to assist wild dogs in the 5th Ward. I was feeding and caring for the dogs that came by. Unfortunately, this dog was able to escape and go away, and he has been looking ever since.

The volunteers volunteered to cover Calvin’s vet bills, including the expense of neutering his canines. Calvin was grateful for the assistance. It’s wonderful to see animal lovers working together!

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It’s bad that this tale doesn’t have a happy ending for now, but the volunteers are working hard to locate the sleeping puppy and any other homeless pets and get them the forever homes they deserve.

Unfortunately, the dog in the image is one of many thousands, and charitable organizations will continue to struggle to ensure that one day all canines will be able to find their forever homes.

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