A boy decides to change a kitten’s life after seeing one that is unable to walk. – Animals Nature Press

A boy decides to change a kitten’s life after seeing one that is unable to walk.


Joo, who is just nine years old, is aware of the need of showing respect to both people and animals. He was inspired to design a wheelchair after seeing a little cat struggling with a handicap.

Joo, a resident of Paraná, Brazil, went to see a neighbor whose kittens had just been born a few weeks earlier and found the kitten there..

Rogéria Bello Corazza, the boy’s mother, said on Facebook:

He stumbled upon a kitten that was unable to walk. Watching the other kittens play while she couldn’t shattered my heart.


Joo saw this and knew he had to help her in whatever way he could.

To quote Rogéria:

“When he came home, he began considering how he might help.”

According to The Dodo, this guy thought that she would be perfect in a wheelchair, so she let her imagination go wild and got the necessary equipment with the help of a friend.

According to Rogéria

“She was there in no time at all.”

A video of the cat having fun in her wheelchair that Rogéria posted on Facebook has received over 1,300 shares and more than 3 million views. People have expressed their utter love for the child.

It is unknown why the kitty is unable to walk, but there is no denying that she is kind and courageous.

The kitten and Joo have also grown to be very close friends and will constantly support one another.

According to Rogéria

“His pleasure at being able to assist was the finest part.

CREDITS: Rogéria Bello Corazza
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