Old tires are converted into beds for dogs and cats by a young craftsman. – Animals Nature Press

Old tires are converted into beds for dogs and cats by a young craftsman.


The 23-year-old businessman with a remarkable sense of inventiveness known as Amarildo Silva, He’s spent the past year and a half using his handiwork to fulfill a lifelong dream of working for himself. Amarildo recycles used tires into pufes, eco-friendly garbage cans, cat and dog beds, and even holiday decorations.

This young guy has devoted his entire life to creating these beautiful works of art, which primarily offer comfort and delight to dogs and cats..

Amarildo works tirelessly every day, cutting, washing, painting, and sketching. It’s amazing what he can achieve with things that most people would toss away. He resides in Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil.

Amarildo says this:


“I started looking for NGOs that cared for animals in the city after noticing numerous puppies sleeping inside old tires in the middle of the street. I soon learned that they, too, used tires as beds for the animals to sleep in. That’s when I made the decision to create a special and enjoyable model for them.

Amarildo makes an effort to present original ideas that have a daily influence on the socio-environment.

So far, this craftsman has produced almost 1500 beds. He works on the production at home with help from his family. Street-collected tires are gathered.

Amarildo says this:

I gather tires in great numbers, whether I can find them on the streets, in gomeras, in wastelands, or anywhere else… I don’t have any outside investors and simply rely on my family for assistance.

All of the tires that Amarildo later separates to construct the animals’ bedding are kept in a chamber.

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He declared:

“I am allowed to keep up to 300 tires in this authorized location in my backyard.”

Today, most beds are made on demand; for the time being, Amarildo receives the majority of his orders from Campina Grande and Joo Pessoa.

The tire beds were initially given away by this young man to non-governmental groups. Hundreds of people started placing orders for the beds for their puppies or kittens after he posted pictures of his creations on social media.

Amarildo had previously worked as a cashier in a chain of supermarkets, and three years later he was able to realize his lifelong ambition.

Amarildo says this:

“When I posted a picture of the idea on social media, plenty of people liked and shared it. There are orders coming in from all across the country, but I can’t fulfill them all.

This young man’s idea generated so much attention that, in Rio de Janeiro in February of this year, he was invited to participate in the program “Es el hogar” on TV Globo.

Amarildo also promotes workshops where tires are turned into handmade goods. In the Agreste del Estado, Campina Grande and Remigio, he is now working on projects for a public school.

Amarildo says this:

“The two programs will transform vacant land into leisure areas. And the students at the Campina Grande school help me with it.

CREDITS: Amarildo Silva


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