Teenagers dive into a mud pit in order to save a scared kangaroo. – Animals Nature Press

Teenagers dive into a mud pit in order to save a scared kangaroo.


A skull and two pointed ears sprang out of the muck while 19-year-olds Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath were traveling on their all-terrain motorbikes close to Sydney, Australia.

When they got closer to have a look, they were confronted with a heartbreaking sight. A kangaroo was coiled up to his neck in the dirt after getting lost. He was exhausted from fighting to escape, yet he kept screaming.

The unhappy animal would not be able to escape without their assistance, the two immediately recognized. Jack kept the line on solid ground while Nick tied a rope around his waist and dove into the muck. Nick had hurried home for lunch.

The kangaroo was squirming and angry as Nick pulled him out, but he soon calmed down.


As Nick told 9News:

“We went out with one arm and one leg because we were concerned for the kangaroo’s survival. Since it was fairly muddy, we think he went there to get water and became caught.

Because the kangaroo was obviously ill from being unable to get food or water while confined, the children immediately called WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue.

The kangaroo needed to be put to sleep so that staff could clean the thick coating of mud off of its fur and also give it water to treat dehydration.

A representative for the rescue center, The Dodo, stated the following:

It was totally covered in a layer of dense clay, frigid, and worn out. It was then lightly heated, medicated, cleansed with warm water to remove all of the clay that had been covering it, heated once more to raise his body temperature, and given fluids.

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After being cleaned, the kangaroo seems to be much better, but rescuers are still keeping a check on it in case it experiences any worsening of its condition.

Even though Nick was as muddy as a kangaroo when he got to his house, he insisted he wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“We’re really proud of it, and it’s pretty patriotic. If we see something similar, we’ll start anew.

CREDITS: WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue.


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