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A 10-Week-Old Puppy Left in a Roadside Box is Saved by the Police


Officer Earl Hanners was responding to an automobile accident near Atlanta, Georgia, when he learned strange news of a forlorn puppy discovered inside a roadside box at 10 weeks old. While Hanners was attending to the car accident, another officer called animal control. But Hanners rushed to help him on his own as soon as he could.

Hanners declared:

He was imprisoned in a cardboard box. The puppy was inside the box, and when a passerby saw it, he opened it, let the dog out, and gave him some water before dialing 911.

As Hanner said:


“I instructed the man to cancel the animal control. To make sure the dog is healthy, I’m going to take him to the doctor.

The dog had not moved when Hanners arrived; he was on the side of the box, overheated and dehydrated.

Bridget, the dog who later revealed herself to be, was taken by Hanners and placed in his police vehicle.

As Hanner said:

“I placed it on my back porch and notified my veterinarian’s office that I had it. I gave her food and drink and then simply let her to cool out and take a nap. She consumed three or four plates of food and drank water.

Hanners made the decision to give her a permanent home when he suddenly realized he couldn’t handle the idea of losing her.

This isn’t the first time this man has saved a dog; he has eight rescued pugs and routinely cares for pups from a local animal rescue group.

Before introducing Bridget to the other canines, Hanners made certain that she was completely secure and immunized. The dogs couldn’t help but be interested about the new family member, and when they eventually met, they got along beautifully, despite Hanners isolating her for 10 days.

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Although no one has been charged for abandoning Bridget in the cardboard box by the side of the road, the good news is that she is now in a permanent home and is safe and secure.

Hanner went on to say

She LOVES my grandchildren and loves to cuddle them. She is really a lovely, kind young lady.

CREDITS: Officer Earl Hanners


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