The blind dog still cannot believe he “gets to run free in his own own field” after spending a year in the shelter. – Animals Nature Press

The blind dog still cannot believe he “gets to run free in his own own field” after spending a year in the shelter.


Jacko, a blind border collie who was 6 years old, had to leave the UK shelter where he had been residing for more than a year right away. He had a difficult living situation, and it seemed that he was out of time to find a family.

The ideal application appeared just as Jacko was about to quit up.

According to volunteer Cassie Mogford at Many Tears Animal Rescue, “Jacko suffered in kennels.” “[Because he couldn’t see,] the loudness would make him anxious. Even though he was well liked by everyone on staff and we tried to keep him busy every day, it was never as wonderful as what a home could provide.

Jacko remained upbeat in spite of his circumstances. He is “very cuddly, friendly, clever, and a really happy adorable boy,” according to shelter volunteers. But because Jacko required careful, delicate encounters, prospective adoptions took some time.


We “agreed that he should be rehomed in a quiet situation, with one or two persons,” Mogford continued, “in order for Jacko to establish trust.” In addition, the author said, “[someone with] a huge, safe location that he could run around safely and securely in without having to go out on the streets and public playing fields.”

The shelter also decided on his placement in an adult-only home, which further reduced the pool of possible adopters. Sue then showed up.

Sue viewed a video we created of Jacko after he had been with us for a year on TikTok, according to Mogford. “After submitting her application, she went to see Jacko and immediately fell in love. In order to make Jacko’s travel as stress-free as possible and to ensure that he was prepared for a smooth introduction to his new dog buddies and home, our team then personally escorted Jacko to her house.

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The application was approved, and Jacko and his new mother, Sue, hit it off right away.

Jacko currently resides in the ideal area, according to Mogford. Sue has had great success with him. She is a dog trainer with expertise working with blind canines, and she has acres of acreage where Jacko can run free. There is no greater place for us to call home!

You can see Jacko taking advantage of his freedom run here:


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He was for me from the beginning, Sue said The Dodo. “At first, he struggled with his newfound absolute independence and was a bit hospitalized. Even though it has occasionally been a little awkward, his interactions with the other canines are still developing. He warmed up to me quite quickly.

While Jacko doesn’t enjoy playing ball or tug-of-war, he enjoys playing with Sue’s other dog, Zoom.

Being able to concentrate on Jacko [and Zoom] has helped Sue, who had been struggling lately. He ought to have the chance to locate a long-term residence. I have the utmost respect for the rescue crew and everything they did to assist this dog in reaching this stage.

In addition to having a fun, new sibling and a permanent home, Jacko now has plenty of room to go about and is loving every minute of it.






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