A dog that has lived her whole life in a shelter refuses to part with her collection of toys. – Animals Nature Press

A dog that has lived her whole life in a shelter refuses to part with her collection of toys.


Bella was born and has spent the past two years living at the RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre. She has lived in shelters for the most of her life, and while everyone has done their best to make her happy and comfortable, what she really wants is her own home.

Bella briefly lived in a house before being given up because she got along poorly with other pets. Thanks to a lot of effort and persistence, Bella has really improved in that area and even now has some dog friends at the shelter.

Bella is really afraid of other dogs and lacks the socialization skills she missed out on in her early, formative months, according to Hannah Hawkins, behavior and welfare advisor at Ashley Heath Animal Centre.

She was quite frustrated when we first met with her, and we believe that bad management has made matters worse. Fortunately, after months and months of difficult therapy, we are now starting to see improvement in her.


Bella enjoys being around humans and spends as much time as she can doing so, even if she is still learning to respect other dogs. She won’t be able to spend as much time with them as she’d want because she’s still at the shelter, so the staff came up with a plan to help her when she’s in her kennel.

Although we make an effort to be with her as often as we can, Hawkins added, “we just can’t be with her all the time.” Her soft toys, notably Winnie the Pooh, with whom she hugs every night, have become her source of comfort.

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Bella has a ton of toys in her kennel huge keep her entertained, and if she gets lonely, she likes to play and cuddle with them. Everyone wishes Bella wouldn’t require this temporary fix for long because she typically looks so cute when she is surrounded by her toys.

Bella would want to be placed into an adult-only home without any other pets, where she could receive a lot of love and care and continue to receive training. She has had separation anxiety in the past, so she will require a family that is sympathetic and willing to help her get through it. A decent, big, fenced-in yard where she could run about and play as much as she wanted would also be nice.

Although Bella may have some particular demands for her new home, everyone at the shelter is aware that her ideal forever family is out there. She will be waiting for her adopters at the shelter in the meanwhile, surrounded by toys.

Credits: RSPCA




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