Without a single appointment for adoption Nearly 730 days have passed since this adorable dog entered the shelter. – Animals Nature Press

Without a single appointment for adoption Nearly 730 days have passed since this adorable dog entered the shelter.


Coco’s family moved from Connecticut to Pennsylvania in 2019 and no longer had time for him, thus he was turned over to MLAR. Like they do with all of their animals, the shelter hoped to find Coco a new family as soon as they could, but tragically that did not happen.

Coco has been residing at the shelter for more than 730 days. He hasn’t had even one adoption appointment. Nobody has shown a willingness to collaborate with him. Coco is still hoping that the ideal family would notice him.

Once he comes to know you, Coco is the kindest dog, but it could take him some time to get friendly. His fellow residents at the shelter believe that part of the reason he is still waiting is because he first presents as timid.


According to Heidi Mottin, a volunteer at MLAR, “Coco is wary of strangers.” But once he realizes they are trustworthy and that they have his best interests at heart, he is goofy, loving, and playful. Coco is a giant dog with trust issues, and while most people desire a dog that would fit in instantly, Coco will take some time to acclimate. “He loves giving kisses and is brave while traveling outside the shelter.”

He’s been in the shelter for so long, and that contributes to Coco’s unease. With so many other dogs about, it’s challenging to sleep, but his shelter friends are hopeful that once he’s in his permanent home, he’ll be able to relax more and settle in quietly.

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Coco is used to the routine of life in a shelter, according to Mottin. He seemed to have accepted it, almost as if he has given up hope that there is more to life.

Coco gets along with other quiet, laid-back dogs, but after spending so much time in a shelter, he would probably fare better as the lone pet in his new home, at least at first. He’s seeking for a quiet house with little noise.

Without having to cope with too many new people continually coming and going, he’d prefer to be able to spend time getting to know his new family in peace.

Over the years, Coco has made a number of friends for life at the shelter. Although they will be sad to see him go, they adore him and all they want is for him to find a lovely family who will appreciate him just as much as they do.

“Once you win Coco’s confidence (which doesn’t take long), he is a happy-go-lucky pup,” MLAR volunteer April Madel told The Dodo.

Coco has been seeking for a home for a while, but maybe he won’t be waiting for too much longer.


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