For the first time since she was a puppy, the dog meets her mother. – Animals Nature Press

For the first time since she was a puppy, the dog meets her mother.


What an adorable video! This mother and daughter pair is unable to be apart for too long. When Harper was adopted, she was just 11 weeks old. She hadn’t seen her mother since that final encounter. Harper finally sees her mother again after three months! Since she was a puppy, this is the first time they have ever met. One dramatic reunion, this. These two are clearly delighted to meet one another after having missed one another greatly.

Harper is eager to leave the automobile and see her mother. They greet each other warmly as soon as they meet one another. Their relationship is so great that they can’t get enough of one another. What a lovely day for a stroll! As they have a pleasant stroll in the sunshine, this mother and daughter pair enjoys playing with one another. What a lovely sight to witness as they freely and joyfully run among the woods. It’s incredible that Harper was able to get back in touch with her mother.

Harper is all over the adult dog, showing off her inquisitive instincts. She leaps all over her parent, encouraging her to play and make up for missing time. She is clearly eager to play. These blood related dogs were not separated by distance; rather, it pulled them closer together and made them desire for their reunion. What a sweetie! The little puppy is overjoyed to snuggle with his mother and cannot contain her joy! This movie demonstrates how much animals value their blood relationships and never forget them. What a wonderful reunion!

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Puppies are such little joys in life. We have included yet another video of these loving babies to keep you in the same frame of mind. Watch what transpires as a rescuer from Italy discovers pups in a plastic bag.


This touching scene occurred in Norma, Italy, when three scared puppies were rescued from a sack tucked away in a bush. One black and two white puppies can be seen trembling, clearly traumatized by the horrific event. The terrified little puppies were discovered by animal rescue volunteer Susanna Bergamaschi when she went out on a stroll. Their cries could be heard through the bag when they were abandoned next to a walkway. She brought them home to feed them after giving them a few consoling hugs and pets, and the rest is history. They had a mother dog to care for them, and they developed into a cunning trio. We’re simply so happy that they were able to find true happiness.

Dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers in the distant past. Naturalists, geologists, and other adventurers who went on expeditions and conquered the Arctic and Antarctic have the responsibility for the success of dog teams. Many dogs in today’s society spend their cushy sofa lives close to their devoted owners, and we are thankful for their company. The best way to thank them for sticking by us all this time is to make sure we defend them whenever we can and ensure that such heinous acts never take place again.

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