Every day, a dog walks four blocks to see if his friend can join him for some playtime. – Animals Nature Press

Every day, a dog walks four blocks to see if his friend can join him for some playtime.


When Tommy was around a year old, his family took him in as an adoption from a shelter. The family had initially scheduled appointments with a few prospective matches in order to find a girl dog. One of the staff members inquired if the family would want to meet Tommy while they waited for those dogs to come from their foster homes. For the family and for Tommy, it was love at first sight.

When it was time for him to go again, Tommy’s mother, Jenna Termolen, said, “He laid down on the floor trying not to leave us; she had to actually drag/slide him on his belly out of the room.” “He had picked out his new family and was not ready to part with us. The lads all agreed that he was the one after meeting the other pets.

Tommy spent the majority of his youth living in Illinois with his family, who then relocated to an area in upstate New York in 2015. Prior to meeting Jackson, Tommy appeared to be missing his many canine buddies from his previous neighborhood.

A week or two after the family had settled into their new house, Termolen received a text from her youngest son informing her that a very enormous, very shaggy dog without a tail had come inside their house. Termolen was out running errands at the time.


Termolen added, “I contacted him right away to see if everything was OK.” He reported that things were going well between Tommy and the dog; the dog appeared friendly, and Tommy was showing him about the home.

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The dog’s collar was eventually located underneath all of his fur, and they learned his name was Jackson and that he lived only down the street. Jackson’s family was mortified that he had managed to get into someone’s house, but they were not at all shocked that he was out and about attempting to make friends while Termolen and her son walked Jackson home. Jackson bid Termolen and her son by and the two left for home, but Termolen quickly understood that Jackson’s visit that day had most likely not been his last.

Jackson now stops over to see Tommy practically daily. Termolen and her family used to walk Jackson home the first few times, but they’ve now come to the conclusion that he can find his way there all by himself. Jackson simply allows himself into the house if the garage door is open, and the rest of the family is no longer shocked to see him.

Typically, Termolen explained, when he pays a visit, he first stops at the front door and barks a few politely. “If no one answers the front door, he will either try to enter via an open garage or run around to the back deck through the backyard while barking at each door. Normally, I just let him in or let Tommy out.

Although Jackson is around 5 years old and Tommy is now 16 years old, the two are still the closest of friends. Tommy and his closest buddy used to run and play in the yard all the time when they were a little bit younger and healthier. They now like to simply lounge about the home or take leisurely strolls together. Even though Tommy is becoming older and has less energy than Jackson has, Jackson is always willing to slow down for Tommy.

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Tommy is really starting to show his age now, so it’s more like a wellness check, Termolen said. Jackson enters the home, orders a drink, asks Tommy if he has any leftovers, and then he and Tommy essentially just hang around for a while. Their friendship is lovely and beautiful. The end of it will be painful. When Jackson comes to visit and Tommy isn’t around to welcome him, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it together.

The fact that Tommy is still alive despite having health problems for the past year astounds his veterinarian. However, the lovable senior dog is still as content as ever, and his family has started referring to him as Tommy Timex.

Termolen observed, “He delivers a licking and keeps ticking.”

Even though Tommy has less energy these days, his relationship with Jackson keeps him going. He enjoys taking his regular walks only to see whether Jackson is at home and up for hanging together.

Termolen said, “He whines towards the street expecting his companion would show up. When Jackson does appear, he generally drives us home. Maybe Jackson stops over to see how Tommy is doing now that he can’t always make it all the way down to Jackson’s place.

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