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Guy resigns from his position and travels in a van with his beloved cat.


Two and a half years ago, Rich East felt stuck in his life and unsatisfied with it. Even though he enjoyed the firm, after 10 years of doing the same thing, he felt like he needed more. When he quit his job and drove a van across Australia, he intended to bring his cat Willow along.

East and Willow have been great friends since since Willow was adopted by East five years ago. When he decided to leave it all up and tour the world, he knew he had to bring Willow with him, and happily, Willow has been loving every minute of it.

East told The Dodo, “Willow loves exploring all the many locations we travel, but to be honest, she would be content anywhere. The ability to experience the world through Willow’s eyes is my favorite aspect of traveling with her. I get more relaxed and able to appreciate the situation more. We spend a lot of time exploring in the evenings, which I really like.


East and Willow have traveled by car to every Australian state since beginning their trip, spending every night in their camper van. Even though a van may not seem like enough space for a cat, Willow enjoys her mobile home and has made it her own, even East’s bed.

… to the dashboard…

… to the van’s exterior…

… and the roof.

which her father enjoys occasionally joining her on.

Willow and East have had a great deal of adventures and gorgeous sights. No outing is too big for Willow to undertake with her father, and he is content to have her around for the entire trip.

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No matter how far away from home you are, you always have your best friend at your side to snuggle with when you want to sleep on your feet, which is why traveling with a cat is great, according to East. It’s hard to feel lonely when you have someone else to take care of like that. Simply said, it is a complete joy to experience this moment with her.

Willow always takes some time to explore each new location because she has seen so much more than the typical cat. She is admiring the seaside sights.

climbed mountains, traveled with a cat, and enjoyed amazing sunsets…

travelled with a cat on boat trips, trips to the woods, and everything in between.

Challenges constantly exist, according to East. “I wouldn’t exchange it for anything, although there are many places you can’t go with a cat, including national parks and some reserves, and we constantly have to run on ‘cat time. Without her, I couldn’t have survived the last several years.

Of course, one of Willow’s favorite parts of her adventures is all the things she gets to climb along the way — from rocks to trees to anything she feels like climbing, really.

East and Willow like to unwind outside their camper van after a long day of exploring and just spend time together while they soak it all in. Even though they have seen a lot, they still have a lot more to see, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

We have no regrets, East said. “Life has changed so much, and I’m happy once again. We probably won’t settle down for a while. I’m eager to find out what Willow and I will find next.

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