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Cat enters third-grade class by accident and decides he will stay there forever.


The adorable orange cat, Tombi, has no idea where he came from, but everyone agrees that he has found his place in the world.

Last month, on the grounds of an elementary school in the Turkish city of Izmir, Tombi initially surfaced. In contrast to the bulk of stray cats, which may be quite cautious, Tombi was friendly and gregarious. She went up to the kids outdoors looking for love and affection.

But Tombi didn’t end there.


After spending a few weeks only in the school garden, Tombi allegedly made the decision to give formal schooling a go. The third grade seemed like a reasonable place to start for a street-smart cat.

The Dodo was informed by instructor zlem Pnar Ivaşcu that “he entered our classroom.” He was well-liked by the kids.

And with that, Tombi started attending Mrs. Ivaşcu’s lesson.

It may appear that a cat roaming around the classroom would be a complete distraction for young pupils, possibly impeding their ability to study, but Ivaşcu discovered that Tombi was having the opposite impact.

Her students had gotten more eager to be in class as a result of observing the cat’s joyful interest.

Ivaşcu’s students would run and horse about the room in between lessons. Now that there is a cat around to amuse them, they can focus better. Even the morning bell sounds better because of Tombi.

Children are taking care of Tombi and arriving on time for school, according to Ivaşcu. “This is beneficial to them.”

Furthermore, it benefits Tombi.

The cat now has bowls of food and water to call his own, a safe place to sleep at night, and a large group of new pals who watch out for his interests. Tombi has been vaccinated and taken to the doctor by Ivaşcu to make sure he is healthy.

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It had never been better in Ivaşcu’s class, but suddenly an issue appeared and threatened to put a stop to it.

After learning that the stray cat had free reign of the classroom and would be harmful to the kid’s health, the parents of one student protested to the school about the animal. Administrators then advised Vaşcu that Tombi needed to be let go.

Together with the pupils, the cat also experienced heartbreak.

Tombi spent three days in the house we chose for him, but he wasn’t happy. Vaşcu said, “He set his fork down. So, she explained, “I took him in in my house, but he was also not very pleased here.”

Tombi’s classmates wrote him encouraging notes to lift his spirits.

Vaşcu made the decision to post about the cat’s terrible plight on social media after realizing that the animal wasn’t getting any better. From then, news about Tombi traveled quickly.

According to Vaşcu, “The story received a lot of attention and support on all TV news.” “Many individuals, including my manager and the director of education in Zmir, gave me a lot of encouragement,” the speaker said.

Even the complaining parent had a change of heart. She also desired the cat’s return to class.

And sure enough, Tombi was allowed to come back by school administrators.

Since the publication of Tombi’s story, a grass-roots movement has gained momentum across the nation asking for every class to adopt a cat of their own.


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