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Found Owner Cat Is Fixated On Hugging Favorite Plush Toy


A lot has changed recently for 16-year-old cat Hoonie, but one thing hasn’t: Hoonie’s favorite stuffed cat, a gray and white cat, is still by his side.

Sadly, Hoonie’s owner unexpectedly died away, leaving him without a home. Initially taken in by the owner’s daughter, Hoonie was regrettably unable to stay with her since both she and her son are allergic to cats. Hoonie and his toy cat eventually made their way to a Maryland shelter run by Alley Cat Rescue.

Despite still adjusting to the new sights and sounds at the shelter, Hoonie is doing “very well,” according to Brianna Grant, communications associate at Alley Cat Rescue, who spoke to The Dodo. He finds the most comfort in his teddy cat, which undoubtedly still smells like home.


We’ve never seen a cat be so devoted to a soft toy, said Grant. In fact, it seems to be his support system.

Hoonie snuggles, plays with, and sleeps with his plush cat all the time.

It’s been a long time friend, remarked Grant. The owner’s daughter showed us images of Hoonie playing rough with the plush animal, which led me to conclude that Hoonie genuinely connects with it and likes doing so. His close proximity to the cage seems to be benefiting him much.

Although the staff will make every effort to assist Hoonie in adjusting to shelter life, they ultimately want him to find a new home because of his need for human contact.

He talks a much, remarked Grant. It’s incredibly tasty. He will tell you if he is lonely. He can be heard from across the room. However, once you start hanging out with him, he simply goes silent and settles down next to you, appearing to be satisfied with just having company.

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Grant believes that Hoonie’s old age won’t dissuade potential adopters because he is in great condition.

As a senior cat nearing the end of his life, Grant stated, “I think people have a hard time dealing with the thought of adopting a cat, developing a relationship with the cat, only for the cat to die away.” However, whomever chooses and adopts him will surely enjoy spending a few years with him. What a sweetheart he is.

Hoonie would do best in a quiet household with no other cats, ideally with owners who are there a lot, according to Grant.

Hoonie’s toy cat will move in with him when he is finally adopted. Grant laughed, “We couldn’t separate the two. They come as a pair, two for one.


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