Chimpanzees that have been abandoned after losing a relative find comfort from this dog. – Animals Nature Press

Chimpanzees that have been abandoned after losing a relative find comfort from this dog.


When Princess’s current humans Jenny and Jimmy Desmond came into her life, she was about to be sacrificed. Princess discovered very soon that they have a deep affection for animals since the helpful dog comforts the chimpanzees who have lost their family in a very organic way.

Princesa is undoubtedly aware that everyone is entitled to another chance at life, which is why she is so concerned for the welfare of these primates. When she was rescued from a shelter, she was just a year old.

The moment the Desmonds arrived to see Princess, she was immediately taken with them. Princess tried to draw their attention by letting them know she wanted to be adopted by them, and she was successful.


The Desmonds decided to go around 10 countries to save a lot of animals, displaying their ardent love for these species.

The Desmonds, with help from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other local rescue teams, were furious when the New York Blood Center abandoned scores of chimpanzees.

If the Desmonds hadn’t stepped in, the chimps would have most likely died.

The Desmond family, along with the princesses, flew to Liberia to carry on their efforts in support of these abandoned primates as well as to shelter and rehabilitate wildlife that has been the victim of unjustified hunting.

This family has the unique talent of helping animals; they are now taking care of five adorable chimpanzees. The dog calms the chimpanzees and helps them feel at home, surrounded by peace and affection.

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As spoken by Jenny Desmond:

In Liberia, they are receiving rehabilitation so they may live with a chimpanzee family, which is where they actually belong.

As Jenny said:

Princess offers chimpanzees her heart and soul in order to provide them a safe place to call “home.” She helps them get ready in case they get adopted into a new chimpanzee family at the rescue institution.

The first chimp sanctuary in Liberia is one of the Desmonds’ top priorities. To do this, they rely on a number of partners, including the HSUS and the Liberian Forest Development Authority.

Jenny went on:

“There are more chimpanzees on our waiting list, and we’ll take them as soon as we have the capacity and resources. The goal is to take care of them and provide them with a future with other rescued chimpanzees, not with humans.

CREDITS:The Desmond family


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