Although he was not invited, he nonetheless followed her for 9 kilometers to express his love. – Animals Nature Press

Although he was not invited, he nonetheless followed her for 9 kilometers to express his love.


A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds. These furry friends become your shadow when you decide to make them part of your family, so they are with you at all times and it does not matter if you are in the worst or best time of your life.

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The wonderful display of devotion that Fugui made on his owner’s wedding day is an example of why dogs desire to always be a part of their owners’ life.

Together with his mother, Fu Xi, this hairy mongrel resides in China.


When Fugui realized that his human’s big day had arrived, the loving and devoted companion did not want to leave her by herself.

It appears that his presence at the ceremony was not taken into account by the family. However, the animal, who had traveled more than 9 kilometers to be with its human mother at that crucial time, didn’t care much about this.

There would be no persecution of them.

Ms. Fu Xi wanted to take this dog with her because he has been her constant companion for the last two years, but the family objected for unspecified reasons.

Some people may not understand the strong bonds that can be formed with a pet, but Fugui could care less about this and chose to go alone.

He traversed the canyon for several miles to be with his mother.

Fugui realized it was time to express his affection for his mother as soon as he saw her leave the house without him.

The bridal procession traveled a great distance from the house to the location of the ceremony, and the fuzzy dog pursued her the entire way.

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That describes how shocked the poor man was at the start of the trip.

After a video of Fugui running resolutely along the street was made public, the touching tale found its way to the networks.

The recording that has been quite popular in recent days was distributed using the Douyin app, which is TikTok’s equivalent in Chinese.

“Mom, I’m here with you!”

However, at one point, the bride’s parents opened the door of their car so that the hairy youngster could climb up next to him. Some commenters blasted the owners for letting the furry man conduct such a marathon.

Fugui refuses the offer to keep chasing after the automobile that was transporting his human mother since it is a very determined dog.

Watch the moving video to see it for yourself.

The poor animal eventually receives his well-deserved rest upon reaching the bridegroom’s residence, where the wedding will take place. Fugui completed his task and proved that every kilometer was worthwhile by being present for his human mother’s special day.

Moment after the ceremony when Fu Xi is reunited with his companion.

Without a doubt, Mrs. Xi now understands that she has a defender who has promised lifelong loyalty to her in addition to her husband. The photographs of the tiny furry’s marathon voyage continue to make everyone fall in love, and he is already residing in the happy spouses’ new home.

Every act of love must be cherished, but Fugui’s act unquestionably went above and beyond all expectations. Send your blessings and love to the devoted furry by sharing this tale.

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