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The world was shocked by this dog! He perhaps saved 37 lives.


Since they have such strong instincts, Rottweilers, one of the smartest dog breeds, are almost as attentive as people when it comes to assisting and saving lives. The world was horrified by the tale of the Rottweiler that saved 37 lives! A disaster struck Venezuela in 1999, taking many lives and causing significant property damage. Numerous thousands of people lost everything, including their homes, livestock, and even loved ones. This catastrophe also had an impact on Mauricio Pérez, the Vargas pilot, and his family. He had two cats, five puppies, two Rottweilers, and two Rottweilers.

This family had a strong affinity towards animals.

The state of Vargas was hit by a severe storm and heavy rain on the nights of December 15 and 16. The only people who were aware of what was about to happen were two dogs who were acting quite oddly. Nobody could comprehend why dogs acted in such an odd way, but it didn’t take them long to figure it out. Perez and his family hurriedly stepped outside onto the terrace to rescue themselves as the storm quickly arrived and everything was submerged. Everyone was in panic and waiting impatiently for assistance as the rain did not stop. The rescue team did not show up till the morning. Nobody wanted to help the animals, thus a dog by the name of Orion was unable to board the rescue vessel. The family was saved with tears in their eyes—less so from the physical harm than from the worry that they would never see their dog again.

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Everyone was shocked when this courageous dog suddenly dove into the water after being left alone. They had no idea what the dog had been up to. However, everyone present was stunned a little while afterwards. The dog swam to the girl, who was clinging to a tree trunk with all of her strength, and screamed for help. She battled for her life with all of her might because she was terrified. She was pulled to safety by the dog, which seized her arm. The poor girl was headed for death until Orion’s brave deed! After you had given up hope, Orion dove back into the river to rescue the life of another 14-year-old girl!
Orion, the dog, repeatedly jumped into the water without being stopped. Everyone who needed help was someone he wished to save from death. He put in a never-ending effort to save the lives of people in peril together with the rescue crews.
Later, the family requested information on their dog from the rescue organization. Nobody knew anything about him. The bereaved family was sad and discouraged as they prepared for the worst news.
But two days later, Mr. Pérez received some peculiar news on television: the dog’s valiant deed had made headlines. He was unaware that it was his dog, Orion. This amazing animal saved no less than 37 lives. When Perez realized who it was, his heart erupted in happiness and delight. Like never before in his life, he sobbed. The canine received a hero’s medal.

Orion has been a great hero ever since that day, appearing as a guest on TV shows, and everyone wants to meet him. Sadly, in 2008, his courageous heart stopped beating. He is remembered as a hero today to serve as a lesson for us to always lend a helping hand to others!

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