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A starving puppy chained to a truck is rescued and given a permanent residence.


Dogs are always devoted and caring to their owners, but tragically, not all people feel the same way about other animals. Some of them fail to show their pets the affection they require. However, some people starve and beat these defenseless pets.

Some abused dogs are given a second shot at life, are saved by a good person, and find a permanent home with loving owners, however the majority of mistreated dogs, sadly, end up dying at the hands of their cruel owners without ever experiencing love. Here is one such tale.

Duke’s narrative

Here’s Duke. He is a 10-month-old puppy that his previous owner had tethered to an old vehicle. In addition to this mistreatment, Duke’s owner beat him and denied him access to food or water, starving him. It appears that Duke has never encountered kindness in his short existence.


This life was quite challenging. Due to his limited mobility, he had to discharge himself in areas that were extremely near to where he was. He even went for ten days without drinking or eating. Duke quickly developed malnutrition as a result of the deprivation and dehydration, and his health was rapidly deteriorating. His predicament was so bad that he was covered in his own feces. He had a fractured leg, fleas all over him, and all of this because his owner had mistreated him.

Duke appeared to be doomed to failure due to his early age, malnutrition, and wounds. But hold onto hope! He was located by the generous staff of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue. When they discovered that Duke was locked up and living a miserable life, they liberated him.

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Even his rescuers were shocked at how terrible things had gone after seeing his tragic plight. “It was a great shock when the doctor indicated there was damage to his feet,” recalled Rowles, one of his rescuers. They were clearly damaged. His feet had been broken. There were no ligaments in his feet. In his foot, bones were simply floating about.

The fact that every shelter was full prevented Duke from being transported there. Fortunately for Duke, a guardian angel in the form of Rowles came in and welcomed Duke into his family and home for the time being so Duke could get the care that he needed. Rowles, his wife, and all of their animals joyfully greeted their new guests and cared for and healed him as best they could.

Because every shelter was filled, Duke could not be transported there. Fortunately for Duke, a guardian angel appeared in the person of Rowles, who welcomed Duke into his family and house temporarily so that Duke could receive the treatment he need. Rowles, his wife, and all of their animals joyfully greeted their new guests, and they all took excellent care of him and helped him get better.

Duke, however, struggled to adapt to this new life and these new people because of everything he had gone through. He was OK when I first approached him, according to Rowles. For those first several weeks, though, you could sense that anxiety in the way he behaved and the way he retreated.

But fortunately, things soon turned around, and Duke began to become close to his wife. He genuinely connected with my wife Diane. He simply adored Diane.

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Duke had to have surgery since his leg was shattered. He had a shattered leg in addition to no ligaments, difficulty walking, and even whimpered in pain. He was able to walk properly on his own, nevertheless, because of the medical attention he got. And while he was surrounded by such charming people, Duke gradually reestablished his faith in people.

Here are some pictures of Duke after surgery with bandages on.

Duke’s ability to bounce back from his terrible ordeal is extraordinary. We underestimate how hardy animals are.

Off to a permanent residence!

Duke was adopted by a kind, compassionate, and loving English woman who gave him the permanent home he so well deserves! With his legs all healed and the return of his ability to stand and walk, Duke was ready to go start his new life with his new family!

Look at him right now! There is no sign of the dejected puppy that was tied up and left to suffer alone. A happy, healthy, sweet, and spunky puppy has taken his place, and he is ready to embark on the next adventure with his devoted family.

Duke was given a second shot at life because of the kind rescuers who invested so much time and effort in protecting injured animals. However, this tale also demonstrates how strong dogs are and how, given the slightest chance, they can triumph against even the most appalling situations.

We are overjoyed to learn that Duke was saved and that someone with compassion decided to adopt him into their home. That’s undoubtedly one of their wisest choices to yet!

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