After surviving being impaled by rebar, the dog eventually comes to love her rescuers. – Animals Nature Press

After surviving being impaled by rebar, the dog eventually comes to love her rescuers.


Seeing a dog in pain is heartbreaking for animal lovers to witness. Fortunately, there are many among us who stop what they are doing to step in and offer assistance rather than turning a blind eye.

Sadly, this adorable puppy suffered a terrible injury after she leaped from a block wall with rebar lining the ground below. The dog’s leg was impaled by the sharp metal and was holding her prisoner to the ground.

It’s difficult to imagine the suffering and horror she went through while rescuers attempted to cut the rebar in order to liberate her leg. As one watches, one wonders if she will even make it through the stress of such a severe lnjury.


Amazingly, the dog manages to maintain as much composure as she can despite being forced to rely solely on the strangers who are attempting to help her. It takes a while to release her, and she appears to accept her predicament.

As darkness falls, she 𝗂s f𝗂nally freed and 𝗂n her excruc𝗂at𝗂ng рa𝗂n, beg𝗂ns to рan𝗂c as she 𝗂s moved but now she can f𝗂nally be taken to the hosр𝗂tal where her wounds can be exam𝗂ned and cared for.

Fortunately, she merely has a really bad flesh wound in her thigh and her leg is not shattered. The poor dog is obviously worn out by the time they finish cleaning and dressing her wound. She still has a long way to go.

Her medical staff hydrated her and cleans her wounds every day. They are taking the best possible care of her they can in the circumstances. The dog is wary at first, but she gradually gains confidence as time goes on.

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Finally, when her body recovered and she received treatment, she emerged from her trauma’s shell and continued to recover. We are incredibly grateful to the rescuers for giving her affection in addition to saving her life.



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