The message on the abandoned dog’s neck brought tears to the rescuer’s eyes. – Animals Nature Press

The message on the abandoned dog’s neck brought tears to the rescuer’s eyes.


Every time a canine abandonment tale is told, emotions are stirred.

In March 2020, Lionel Vytialingam was inside a grocery shop when he heard a loud noise outside that sounded like a car braking.

He caught his breath as he looked out the window and noticed an abandoned puppy running helplessly across the traffic.

Lionel quickly hopped in the car and started chasing the dog out of fear of ill luck.


Lionel in many ways encouraged the terrified dog to approach. Lionel then unexpectedly found a piece of damp paper hanging from the dog’s neck.

Lionel carefully opened the piece of paper, hoping it might reveal the owner’s address.

, yet not! It wasn’t a note; rather, it was a letter, and it said the following:

“My name is Siggy, and I’m the most loving dog you’ve ever met. Although he regrets having to part with you, your master can no longer care for you.

Bring me home, include me in the new family, and show me love. I am a Goldendoodle, a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix, and I am 5 years old.

You have never bitten anyone, and you are quite kind. Also possible are various tricks. I hope the new owner approves of me.

After reading the letter, Lionel Vytialingam became speechless and started crying. Siggy, a little dog, was put into Lionel’s automobile and driven home. The person who saved Siggy is now his new owner.

The New Future of the Abandoned Dog

Siggy is cleaned up and placed in a warm bed by Lionel’s wife.

Later, Lionel gives Siggy a bench so she may sit down and eat her lovely honey bread.

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Siggy is cute, but she and Lionel’s previous family dog do not get along. After some time, Lionel made the decision to hunt for a devoted and appropriate family to adopt Siggy.

The street dog gets a better start now than it had before.

To emphasize the responsibility of pet adoption, Lionel posted Siggy’s tale on his Facebook page.

Each owner is responsible for ensuring the pet’s wellbeing and safety at all times.



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