When a 73-year-old elephant is finally freed from a lifetime of captivity, she sobs with tears. – Animals Nature Press

When a 73-year-old elephant is finally freed from a lifetime of captivity, she sobs with tears.


Most people are aware of how intelligent elephants are. However, more individuals need to be aware of how intensely they experience emotions.
An remarkable elephant, Sook Jai. She only managed to achieve independence a few years ago, when she was in her mid-70s. Her tale is really tragic.

Sook Jai was made to perform as a begging elephant on the streets of Thailand when she was a small child.

She endured decades of abuse while she was owned by many people.


When she was in her late 70s, her owner recognized she was no longer useful to him.

She was fortunately discovered by the Elephant Nature Park before her owner intended to get rid of her.

Owner ultimately consented after organizers begged him to turn her over.

We were stunned by the rescuers’ findings after they had taken Sook Jai away from her cruel owner.

Sook Jai was covered in scars and even had recent wounds; this lovely animal had endured years of brutal treatment!

She was almost entirely deaf and absolutely blind, so they set up transportation to transfer her to a refuge.

They did not cover her for protection before loading her onto the back of a vehicle and leaving.

The rescuers started tending to some of her recent wounds throughout the journey.

Sook Jai’s compartment was then filled with food. She refused to eat though. She continued to be scared of getting wounded and refused to take the chance of eating in case it infuriated the humans.

They proceeded to care for her, shower her with water, cover her fully, and express their love for her.

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Sook Jai started to realize something at that point. She started to believe that the new people she was surrounded by wouldn’t treat her badly.

View the complete account in the video below:

Of course, the elephant was still frightened after such abuse.

Sook Jai started to think she was safe while the vehicle kept moving, though. And she had an emotional response to this notion.

The rescuers were shocked when she began to cry very enormous tears. For the elephant, this experience could only have been bittersweet. She was finally free after suffering abuse for more than fifty years.

Everyone was moved as Sook Jai started waving her trunk in the air as though she were experiencing freedom for the first time.

Sook Jai eventually made it to the refuge after all.

She carefully stepped off the vehicle and started to play in the water next to the river.

Sook Jai stayed beside this river for the first few days, but as time passed, she gained confidence and started to investigate the enclosure.

Then, a very remarkable thing took place. Sook Jai started interacting with other elephants for the first time in her lifetime.

DiPor, another female elephant in the sanctuary, started to approach her. They grew friendlier throughout the course of the days.


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