600 miles separate a dog that was stolen five years ago from its family. – Animals Nature Press

600 miles separate a dog that was stolen five years ago from its family.


When Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom got a text indicating that her dog, Sheba, had been found in a town more than 600 miles away, she initially assumed it was a prank.

I initially questioned, “Where are my million dollars and cruise?

The Dodo, according to Moore-Malmstrom. Someone is approaching me,

Police used Sheba’s microchip to identify her, but Moore-Malmstrom wasn’t persuaded. The puppy was older, but Moore-Malmstrom instantly recognized Sheba when she saw her on a FaceTime call, despite the age difference.


Oh my God, you have our baby and my dog, Moore-Malmstrom reminisced.

Thanks to Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit dedicated to saving animals by flying them back to their family or to no-kill shelters, Sheba was soon in the air, on her way home.

When Sheba stepped off the plane, Moore-Malmstrom was in wonder to be finally seeing her pet after such a long period. Sheba ran over to the Moore-daughters’ and Malmstrom’s in a frenzy when she noticed them.

I felt every feeling you could even begin to imagine, said Moore-Malmstrom. Sheba couldn’t get to my daughters in time.

Now that she was finally secure in her family’s embrace, Sheba was able to relax and take pleasure in their love.

Sheba was abducted from the Moore-Malmstrom family’s Baytown, Texas, yard in 2018 and transported to the Texas Panhandle, where she was later adopted and kept by a family for 4.5 years, the Moore-Malmstroms later discovered. After the family had to relocate and find Sheba a new home, her new owners decided they didn’t want to care for her and left her on the street. Sheba was living outdoors and being looked after by a local child when an animal control officer found her and performed a microchip check on her.

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For their aid in getting Sheba back to Moore-Malmstrom, Borger Animal Control and Friends of Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets are much appreciated.

“So many people joined together to get her home to me,” Moore-Malmstrom stated.

Sheba exuded a deep sense of gratitude for being reunited with her family. They still have the rest of their lives to make up for it, even if they have been away for a very long period.

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