A lonely dog who has been waiting at a shelter for more than seven years begs someone to give her a “second chance.” – Animals Nature Press

A lonely dog who has been waiting at a shelter for more than seven years begs someone to give her a “second chance.”


There are so many animals in shelters that are patiently waiting to be taken home. However, sometimes it takes longer for some nimls to be adopted than it does for others.

Unfortunately, many nimble creatures end up waiting years to find their forever homes… and begin to wonder whether they will ever escape. But no mɑttеr how old ɑ dog gеts or how long thеy’vе bееn in ɑ shеltеr, thеy still dеsеrvе ɑ chɑncе ɑt hɑppinеss.

Now, one shеltеr is trying to find onе of thеir oldеst dogs ɑ nеw homе… employing a single heartbreaking image that tells her entire experience.

Ginger is a Labrador retriever mix that is kept in Ozarks-like conditions in Ozark, Missouri. She is a wonderful dog that enjoys playing. But regrettably, nobody has ever given her a home.


She has only been absent from Dogwood Animal Shelter for eight years, waiting in the shadows while other canines get adopted.

However, the shelter worker is hopeful that someone would take pity on Ginger once they see how long the poor girl has been waiting:

viral picture galleries Ginger is sad-eyed in her kitchen as a sign outside tells her tale.

“Hi! Ginger here! I’ve been writing here for seven years, nine months, two weeks, and two days.

“Good girl, I am! Yes, I will! I just require a second chain.

It’s a heartbreaking picture that has undoubtedly caught people’s attention because it has already been shared over 14,000 times in one day.

Other than the fact that she has to be the only pet in the household, Ginger is just a wonderful dog seeking for a home. She will always be grateful to you for giving her the “second chance” she had been waiting for.

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We wish Ginger well in finding a home! If you’re interested, you may apply in person at Dogwood Niml Shelter or by phone.

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