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The owner travels 310 miles to find his stolen dog.


A missing dog who had been located 310 miles from home was reunited with his owner.

Bandit, a Malinois Shepherd dog who is one year old, went missing from his home in Côte-d’Or (France) back in June of last year.

This devastated Farid, his owner, who spent months looking for his dog’s best friends.

Unfortunately, his search didn’t turn up anything promising for several months. However, eight months later, a nice stranger discovered Bandit by the side of the road.


When he was just 4 months old, the unfortunate puppy was stolen.

The dog was 310 miles from home when it was found without a collar, but he was lucky to have a microchip, which allowed him to eventually be reintroduced to his owner.

The reunion was well-planned, and the two best friends were ecstatic to be reunited.

Thanks to the incredible, life-saving efforts of the shelter, a kind stranger, and a microchip, Bandit and Farid are now able to live their lives together.

Farid hurried to Bandit’s path as soon as he heard the good news.

He expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped with his recovery and stressed the significance of chipping your pets. The miracle of returning Bandit home would not have happened without the chip. One of the happiest days of my life was when Bandit returned home.

Watch the touching video of the two friends below. Farid shared it, saying that they had traveled a great distance together but that he was delighted to get his beloved puppy back.




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