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Walking and crying for 200 kilometers over a wooded road in search of his former home after being abandoned


In order to find her owner who had abandoned her, Maru, a mastiff, went 200 kilometres across several Russian woods in a perilous manner that wounded her leg.

Even though the train had traveled a considerable distance, the unfortunate dog nevertheless managed to escape and make her way back home since she was unaware that her owner had left her.

Maru was abandoned by a callous owner who believed he was allergic to dogs. In order to get back to the rescue station where it was born, Maru is transported on a trans-Siberian train.

The train headed for Novosibirsk halted at a lonely station, and as the compartment door opened, faithful Maru escaped and rushed back to her original owner’s house.


This railway not only has the longest length in the world but also travels through bear-populated woodlands.

On the train, Maru’s security officer yelled its name, but it appeared Maru was determined to get home right now whether the location would welcome it or not.

The manager of the Kennel rescue station, Alla Morozova, now living in Novosibirsk, organized a search for the missing Maru and posted all the information on social networks so that people could help.

The fatigued and hurt dog was discovered two and a half days later close to the owner’s house in an industrial neighborhood.

Maru appeared to have broken down in tears due to tiredness and was still unable to come home.

The Trans-Siberian Railway, regarded as the longest in the world, was meticulously tracked by Maru. Since it fled the train, it has gone 200 kilometers.

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To the Siberian Times, Ms. Morozova stated:

Fortunately, Maru escaped the bear’s appetite since the scary woodland he traveled through was there.

Its foot even fractured from exhaustion. The dog’s muzzle was partially cracked, while Maru’s paw pad was severely damaged.

The dog’s leg was hurt after 200 kilometers.

Before being discovered and saved, Maru fell into a Krasnoyarsk railroad embankment.

The train personnel said that Maru experienced panic attacks and separation anxiety while he was on board.

The dog was really terrified by the train’s loudness.

Maru rushed onto the hatch as the train came to a stop, kicked the door handle open with his foot, and then jumped off the train.

It descended with a bullet-like leap. Maru promptly vanished into the darkness after that.

Maru was presumably searching for her former residence, according to Ms. Morozova, but she was quite worn out from her leg and face injuries.

It must be attempting to navigate back to its house. Dogs are incredibly devoted to their owners. Maru didn’t sprint to Novosibirsk; all it wanted was to return to his home and greet his owner once again.

The hunt for Maru was started by Ms. Morozova after the dog vanished.

This endeavor did not, however, sway Maru’s callous owner. When Maru’s owner said she had fulfilled her duty to the dog and would not search for it, Morozova was enraged.

Maru is presently undergoing medical attention for physical wounds in Novosibirsk city.

Maru has now made its way back to its birthplace.

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The next period, Maru will remain a resident of the rescue facility. Everyone wishes Maru would find a home with a dog lover who loves dogs sufficiently.


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