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Mother Dog Still Struggled More Than 3 Km To Find Someone To Look After Her Cubs Despite Broken Leg


The tiny dog reportedly had a damaged leg and was wandering through a market in Vera, southern Spain, after being abandoned by hunters. Fortunately, on January 20, it encountered psychologist Lianne Powell, 49, who took it to veterinarian Ellen Sobry’s clinic for care.

Both of them began seeking for pups after noting that a 2-3 year old female dog was lactating and appeared to have given birth 5-7 days earlier.

When I examined it, I discovered a damaged leg and a large amount of bl.o.o.d in the rear. It also produces milk, and I’m curious as to where the pups are. We muzzled it, tied it to a rope, and carried it back to the market. After that, we continued walking for more than 3 kilometres across muddy fields. It is traveling in a precise direction. My eyes were so unbelievable. Just an hour ago, we met him, and to our amazement, he chose to put his faith in us and show us where the cubs are,” Sobry added.


Mother dog with wisdom and kind people

The trip is documented by two persons. Following their direction, the dog jumped into the passenger seat of an abandoned automobile with cardboard covering the windows. On the tattered back seat, they found 10 pups snuggled up close to one another.

At Sobry’s Clinivet Turre facility, Vera is getting well. In order to find homes for the dogs while they heal, the veterinarian treating them has also been in touch with the Ibizan Hound Rescue in Murcia, southern Spain.

All of Mother Vera’s cubs are now healthy. Although its damaged limb has healed, we are still unsure of what happened. It could have been struck by a car but suffered no additional injuries, or it might have been kicked. It is regaining strength quickly. It only needs to eat, sleep, and nurse,” Sobry continued.

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Interesting remarks from online users on the lovely folks and the wise mother dog

The internet community became quite upset following the news about the dog’s mother breaking her leg but still managing to drag more than 3 kilometres to locate someone to look for her little puppies. On vnexpress, they have posted a lot of comments:

Charity: The dog is desperate to avoid falling because of the puppies, even if he breaks his leg. Poor animal. However, nothing is more priceless than a mother’s love.

The strength of maternal love is remarkable, says Tran Thai Binh. I hope the mother dog gets a wonderful new home soon and heals rapidly.

Tragically, dogs are just like kids, says Tram Truong. It trusts those who it knows will treat it well. This dog knows it can be difficult to take care of the baby in this condition, so he asked for help, it’s so smart!

Without regard to race or ethnicity, a mother’s love is an unquestionably holy emotion. Even animals, they would do anything to defend their newborn pups.



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