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Older pets left to shelter with owner’s touching note.


More than everything, an elderly woman in Virginia loved her two 16-year-old Birman cats. She had taken wonderful care of them since she had them as infants. Unfortunately, the woman’s health took a turn for the worse, and she was forced to enter a nursing home.

Even worse, she was told she couldn’t bring her beloved kitties to the nursing home, which only made matters worse.

No one in the woman’s family was able to take the cats in when she asked them to. The poor woman was thus forced to give her cats to the Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control (AACAC) in Virginia.

The woman left the animals with a heartbreaking note. The note described all of the foods that the cats liked and disliked. It also discussed the unique threats that Missy and Zipper received.


This information indicates that the two cats were very well-loved.
The cats’ owner wrote, “At night they get to eat Cool Whip off your fingers.” “If they wish, Zipper and Missy can each get five fingers’ worth.

The AACAC crew was moved by the woman’s devotion to Missy and Zipper, and they made the decision to keep the cats together.

They gave the cats plenty of love and affection while confining them in a large kennel. Outgoing Zipper rapidly adapted to the lower temperature, while timid Missy was a little tense and tense.

On their Facebook page, AACAC posted a piece about the cats, and it instantly went viral. Thousands upon thousands of times it was viewed.

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The shelter is contacting rescue partners and organizations that specialize in Birmans, but we’ll be honest: Even though they are senior cats and may be adopted for free from the shelter, a pair of 16-year-old cats that must remain together is difficult to sell. Their best chance to live happily ever after? An affectionate companion, a peaceful home, a sunny windowsill, and perhaps even a comfortable tub of Cool Whip,” “AACAC wrote,”


A woman from another country viewed the post after it went viral. She immediately sent it to her parents, who lived only five minutes away from the shelter.

The woman’s parents were looking for a new cat because they had recently lost their senior cat. The couple perfectly met the requirements of the shelter.
The AACAC sought local adopters because they didn’t want Missy and Zipper to experience the pain of long-distance travel. The couple also didn’t have any other pets or children living with them.

The couple traveled over to the shelter where they met Missy and Zipper.
Zipper immediately began kissing their faces as they were leaving. After a few minutes, Missy also began to get to know the couple. The two kitties instantly had a new permanent home!

This wasn’t the only good news; many people came to the AACAC shelter after Missy and Zipper’s story went viral.

A large number of the shelter’s elderly cats eventually found homes, including two 14-year-old brothers named Ralphie and Alphie.

Missy and Zipper live in an amazing forever home, and we know that their former owner was overjoyed to hear of the outpouring of love for her cats. How lovely.

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