A little girl was seen on her way home from school saving a stray dog. – Animals Nature Press

A little girl was seen on her way home from school saving a stray dog.


A little girl was hesitating on the wet sidewalk as she made her way home from school on the street below when Rodrigues noticed her.

She removed her jacket and umbrella before taking off her backpack.

Rodriguez understood that all was for the girl when he observed a wet, stray dog at her feet.

Rodriguez then saw the girl walk away while holding the dog in her arms.

“Everything happened so suddenly. Rodrigues told The Dodo, “It was quite emotional. When I sent the video to a friend and shared it with a neighborhood group, I was able to identify the angel.


Despite being just 12 years old, the girl, whose name is Cibley Stieglmair, had a significant influence on the life of the unfortunate stray.
Cibly’s mother Rеjane Stieglmair told The Dodo, “I was startled when she arrived with the dog since she was really sweaty and wet from the rain.”

“Her clothes was covered with b.l.o.o.d. Although she told me she discovered the dog injured, I initially believed she had been wounded.

Fortunately, the dog suffered just minor damage that could be fixed with some tender love.

Cibely is really kind-hearted. She has a great deal of sympathy for stray pets,” Réjane stated. She would bring everyone home if she could.

Cibly welcomed the dog, which she named Petinha, into the household.

Prеtinha’s еxact circumstancеs arе unknown, but onе thing is cеrtain: Cibеly has madе hеr futurе appеar morе promising than it has in thе past.

“As parеnts, wе arе proud of Cibеly and always havе bееn,” hеr mom said. “But now wе’rе еvеn morе so!”.

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