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Giving Dogs Food, A Homeless Man Got A Very Touching Result


The ancients have the saying “Rescue, return the favor” is true, the poor homeless man in the story below did not hesitate to share his precious food with the stray dogs, and Until he had an accident, the dogs did something that made everyone feel very touched.

On December 9, 2018, at about 3 a.m., César, a homeless man from Rio do Sul, southern Brazil, was taken to Alto Vale Regional Hospital in Rio do Sul, Brazil, as a result of the disease’s consequences. from a severe condition that had plagued him for years.

César has no family or other contacts, and this is his first visit to Alto Vale Regional Hospital for medical care. César used to go to another local hospital in the past. As a result, the hospital was in the dark regarding César’s current state of health as well as his past.

Cris Mamprim, the nurse on duty that day, and her coworkers were more intrigued by the presence of a troop of wild dogs than they were by the identity of the guy.


They were all stray dogs that this homeless man, who was prone to generously feeding stray canines he encountered, had saved.

Because of this, when César was in danger, these devoted dogs did not abandon him. They followed César all the way to the hospital and were still waiting to see him; they never stopped looking at the building as though wishing for his speedy return, which was all they could think about. The majority of them are the owner, who is homeless and remains in the hospital.

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When Ms. Mamprim witnessed the incident, she was very emotional, she quickly took a photo of these loyal dogs and posted it on FB with the following (in Portuguese) sharing lines: “3am this morning. I’ve seen stray dogs in the hospital that had been waiting for their destitute owners for a while.

“A humble person, without comforts, who relied on others for assistance to survive hunger, cold, pain, and the brutality of this world suddenly has friends.” best ally besides. Really, it’s a rescue to return the favor.

“There was a sharing of warmth, compassion, and understanding. We had heard that César went on a fast in order to feed the dogs. They’re all quite fat and well cared for, Mamprim continued.

The post subsequently received over 136,000 reactions and over 24,000 comments. One netizen gushed, “It’s the nicest thing I’ve ever seen!” They all agreed that César has a warm heart; the most valuable thing of all is that he has a warm heart and is full of love even when he is not materially wealthy or even has a loved one who is not present.


Then even more good news for everyone was that César was starting to get better, and also because they didn’t want to keep César and his companions waiting any longer, the staff specifically allowed The dogs go inside to reunite with their beloved owners after César has been given medicine. Even food was supplied for Cesar to keep him fuller.

However, these dogs were César’s closest pals, and… “Believe me, he would just eat a little bit and then leave some for them,” Mamprim recalls..

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