When her owner rejected her, the mother dog dug a hole in order to make a home for her nine kids. – Animals Nature Press

When her owner rejected her, the mother dog dug a hole in order to make a home for her nine kids.


For many people, seeing the birth of a baby—human or animal—is always a spectacular event. Not all owners, though, find it to be a good thing or truly adore the life that goes on around them.

Unlike other fortunate dogs, Nana, a 4-year-old pitbull, is not loved by her owner and is frequently hungry and mistreated. This dog endured being tied by its owner outside the home in the scorching sun for three long years.

Every time they saw this scene, the neighbors felt quite annoyed, but they could do nothing but sneak food for Nana to keep her from starving.

Nine lovely pups were born to Nana one day on the porch. But rather than assisting the mother dog in caring for the pups, the owner simply gave them a cursory look before slamming the door in front of Nana’s mournful eyes.

Nana silently dug a little hole with her front legs and placed her children within in an effort to make them more comfortable in the stifling summer heat.


The owner of Nana couldn’t take the presence of the “annoying” pups until one day in July. He protested on Facebook and hoped someone would put an end to their appearance.

The neighbors decided to act after learning this information. To protect Nana and the tiny dogs from the sun and rain, they first constructed a lovely cage together. and alternately bring them food.

But in the end, because to their hectic schedules, they chose to temporarily house them at the Faithful Friends animal sanctuary and make contact with the dog rescue group Mr. Bones & Co. in the hopes that the volunteers there would care for them and help them find a new home. Someone who genuinely loves and cares for someone looks out for them.

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Elli Frank, the founder of Bones & Co., told reporters, “They provided us images of the living circumstances and the condition Nana was in.” The little canines had to dwell in a muddy ditch and appeared undernourished. It hurts to say that.

Elli Frank said that he dispatched his rescuers to Faithful Friends as soon as he heard the news. The staff members here took turns caring for the pets. Even though Nana and her puppies were only staying at the refuge temporarily, they planned a spectacular party for them. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity for mother and daughter Nana to meet the rescue camp personnel.

Nana never took her eyes off her kids, though, thanks to her maternal instincts. It constantly kept a close eye on the small dogs, as if they were the last thing left in the world to hold onto.

According to Mr. Frank, through our visits and care, Nana has grown to trust us and let us take her puppies to loving homes. till they locate their permanent residence, look after them. Nana is able to finally relax knowing that her children will have a happy life since she has carried out her mother’s duties.

The shelter is thinking of adopting Nana as a real member of the family for all time after being moved by her motherly affection for her kids. The mother dog will hopefully be pleased with her large family as a result of this excellent news. Another neighbor added Nana’s large dog as a new member of their household.

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For people who care about the welfare of Nana and her puppies as well as those who love animals, this is wonderful news.



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