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Dog at a Garbage Dump Begging People to Take Him Home, But No One Would


The dog would go over to greet everybody who came to discard their belongings. He was, in a sense, pleading with them to take him home.

Unluckily, nobody did. Perhaps they treated him like trash because of where he lived and how filthy he was. The canine would rush joyfully over, jump up to the window, and say hello when he knew which automobiles belonged to those who would come and feed him.

He would climb up on the windows of the car and cling to every person, according to Amanda Cunfare, a volunteer for Rescuers Without Borders (RWB), an organization that rescues dogs in Turkey. He was a service dog.


He wasn’t the only dog living in the landfill, which was startling. There also lived more than 800 more stray animals. Life was difficult. The circumstances were heartbreaking. There was no food around, and it was freezing. The dogs did their best to scavenge, but it was clear that they were in need of food.

Cunefare explained, “It is freezing, there is no clean water, and food is scarce.” You must compete for resources with 800 dogs and bury yourself in garbage piles to remain warm. It’s an awful, awful place to have to endure for years.

Four yеars ago, a young Turkish woman, namеd Gockе еrdogan bеgan fееding thе dogs at thе landfill and gеtting thеm mеdical carе. even finding the pets new homes when possible. RWB made the decision to support Erdogan and the landfill dogs last year. The team has rescued and adopted 47 dogs from the garbage. They continue to feed the others and provide them with veterinary care.

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RWB wishes they had the resources to rehome every dog, but they are unable to do so. For the time being, they concentrate on puppies and older canines because they have a harder time surviving the tough surroundings.

Hercules fit under the alternative category. He was neither a puppy nor a senior. He was also physically fit and faring better than most people, given where he lived. But Hercules desired to depart. He really desired a home. He would try to hop outside the volunteers’ cars by running to them.

Cunfare said, “This dog wants out so badly.” “You could see it in his eyes,” she said.

Cunefare has never visited the landfill on her alone. She lives in Illinois but has already adopted Dudas, a 10-year-old dog that spent at least five years there, who was one of the dump dogs.

She’s an elderly woman, Cunfare stated. She weighs 143 pounds and is a large, elderly mother. I wanted to adopt an older animal since I felt like she had struggled mightily to survive.

RWB knew that Hеrculеs would thrivе with Cunеfarе but wеrе afraid to ask hеr to do so sincе Dudas had a lot of challеngеs of hеr own. Additionally, Cunefare adopted King Artur, a senior garbage dog.

Cunefare stated, “Gocke had contacted my friend.” “Shе’d said that shе was afraid to ask mе, but shе wantеd to know if shе could sеnd mе Hеrculеs, bеcausе sincе Dudas had lеft, hе was not doing vеry wеll.”

It turns out that Hercules and Dudas were best friends at the landfill and that Dudas had taken on the role of Hercules’ surrogate mother. Although it was a difficult place, Dudas made it her goal to keep an eye out for Hercules. When she left, Hercules’ heart broke.

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Cunefare stated, “My heart broke.” “I said, “That is abhorrent. I could have invited them both if I had known that. I can only imagine how horrible it must have been for him to see her leave. I said, “Absolutely send him over.

With Cinéfare’s consent, Hercules was brought to the United States to live on the 2-acre property with Cinéfare and Dudas. The reunion of Hercules and Dudas was pure bliss. They immediately recognized one another, according to Cunefare. “They played and ran around.”

Cunefare finds the landfill dogs amazing. Their resilience is admirable. They behave themselves so well, too! Better behaved than her American adoptees, I should add. It almost seems as though they are aware of how much better life is now.

“They’re simply so appreciative,” Cunfar said They frequently say, “Oh my God. A bed and a blanket are present. I’m not required to sleep outside. You’re feeding me breakfast every day, holy stuff. This is incredible. I have yet to encounter somebody who isn’t appreciative of what I have given them.





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