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What transpired to the unfortunate blind canine during his week-long disappearance?


Beth Cole recently recounted their challenging search for their lost puppy. Cole’s family adopted Sage, a blind dog, twelve years ago. She always discusses family history and offers personal information with each member. They noticed their dog was no longer in the yard one day. They frantically looked everywhere—inside the home, in the living room, in the yard, even in the neighbor’s home—but in vain.

With assistance from their neighbors, a search was launched right once, and leaflets were distributed all over the street. The owner of Sage revealed: “We looked for a week. Even with the assistance of friends and neighbors, we were unable to locate any information on our sad puppy.

Their investigation started to run into trouble. When Cole learned that there were mountain lions nearby, his nervousness increased. They hired a trained dog tracker because they were so anxious, but Estrada ultimately discovered Sage.


I’m unsure of how the unfortunate puppy managed to reach the creek. Sage showed absolutely no indications of life at the time it was discovered. Fortunately, the dog raised her head as Estrada drew closer, which greatly relieved Estrada. Sage was quickly hugged, kissed, and given some attention by the man. Estrada told TODAY that “it really was a miracle.”

Sage had been without food and drink for a week and was so frail that Don had to carry her to the summit. Estrada then tried to contact Cole’s family to inform them that he had found their dog. Sage, coincidentally, frequently spends time with his two dogs, so he knows her well.

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After Sage had been fed and washed, the Cole family finally arrived to take her home. Surely after this incident, Cole will be more careful in keeping an eye on the dog.

Cole and his family promised a $1,000 reward for finding his dog, but Estrada refused. He instructed them to give the money to the animal shelter.





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