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At Least Two Hours a Day, This Cute Golden Retriever Gives Hugs to Strangers She Meets on the Street


The reputation of the Golden Retriever breed as a sociable and gentle type of dog is widely established. Most dog lovers agree that the golden retriever is the ideal family dog.

A famous golden retriever from Chelsea, New York City, named Louboutina loves to give random strangers hugs. The adorable dog is so loved and charming that she has more than 58k followers on Instagram!

The stunning golden retriever, which was given the name of a French shoe designer, spends at least two hours each day giving people a bear hug. Having a reputation for being amiable dogs, did we mention that golden retrievers?

Her owner, 45-year-old Fernandez-Chavez, explains, “It’s simply not an usual stroll.” It’s a stroll that includes hugs. Many people claim that she has made their day, he continues, For instance, if they had a horrible work day, perhaps that was just what they needed.

Just before Valentine’s Day in 2014, Lubie started holding her owner’s hand after he ended a relationship. She began to stand up and hold my hands with both of her paws before putting the other paw over the first, according to Fernandez-Chavez. With my pals, I recall making the joke, “At least I have someone to hold hands with for Valentine’s.”



You may write Fernandez-Chavez an email and arrange a hug appointment with Louboutina if you chance to be in New York since he now recognizes that not just him but the entire world needs the warmth his dog has to provide.

Go to Chelsea in New York City if you want the coziest and warmest embrace ever.

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where you may meet Louisa, the famous hugging dog of New York

Around Valentine’s Day in 2014, Lubie and her owner Fernandez-Chavez started holding hands.

She began to stand up, grip my hands with both of her paws, and then crumple the other paw over the first.

With my buddies, I recall saying, “At least I have someone to hold hands with for Valentine’s Day.”

This golden retriever devotes about two hours a day to giving hugs to people she encounters while out for a walk.

It’s simply not a typical trek… It’s a stroll that includes hugs.

“People said she brightened their day… Like, maybe that’s just what they needed if they had a horrible day at work.

Her owner saw that the world may benefit from some of the affect his dog had to provide.

So that you may arrange a hug meeting with Lubutina, write him an email.


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